Trust and Obey: the trust part

By: Dennis Bates

This is the day that the Lord has made, and I firmly believe that as I wait for my friend Staci to get here later this afternoon. As I made my final preparations for her visit, the song “Trust and Obey” kept playing in my head. It has been one of those songs that my wife and I have come back to over and over again. “Trust and Obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus than to just trust and obey.”

What Staci is doing takes a lot of trust. If you read last week’s blog you know that we have never met face to face. However, since she has a wedding to attend this weekend not far from here, she came early so we could actually meet and get to know each other better. We teased each other about meeting, vowing that neither of us is an axe murderer. But even short of that, Staci is going to be staying at our house for three days, and that takes an awfully lot of trust.

Come to think of it, it takes a lot of trust on my wife’s part too, but at least she is used to me doing crazy things after nearly 39 years of marriage. She knows me; she knows my weaknesses, reminding me of them frequently. She knows I’m on the other side of the planet from perfect, and a significant distance from rational most of the time. Yet, she endures it all, and I love her for it.

But Staci only knows the part of me that I have shown her on the Internet, and even though that is significant, it takes an awfully lot of trust on her part to come visit two people she’s never met. I hope that my wife and I can reward that trust and have a good fellowship  with her while she is here.

After all, isn’t Staci doing what we all do when we trust in the saving grace of Jesus Christ? We don’t know Him face to face; we’ve never stayed with him over night, nor shared a meal with Him as the desciples did. Yet we trust Him, knowing that He will reward that trust with His sweet fellowship. He will watch over us and feed us and we eagerly look forward to that day when we will meet Him face to face, just as my wife and I will meet Staci later today.

Trust is a beautiful thing, and I know that Staci has told me on several occasions that it’s something that doesn’t come all that easy to her. So, I am honored that she trusts me enough to work through that. And it makes me want to trust her and the Holy Spirit filling her with that trust even more. See, I think Satci may be selling herself a little short on this trust thing. I think she knows how to trust extremely well because she starts by trusting God, His Son and the Holy Spirit.

That’s not a bad place to start, or end for that matter. Thank you, Lord for giving it to Staci and showing it to me. Amen.



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