I Forget

By:Dennis Bates


I have always been a person who does better if he has a routine. That’s a nice way of saying I forget things. I used to make lists, but I would forget where I put them, so what’s the point. I write things down on calendars and then don’t remember to check them, or even worse, forget that it’s June now and wonder why May’s calendar doesn’t work anymore.


As I get older, it gets worse, and they tell me that is to be expected. Now if I could only remember who they were, I would know whether I can believe them or not. It’s not funny. Humorous, maybe, but not funny.


Thus, my need for a routine so I do the same things, substantially the same way on the same days. I don’t forget that way quite as much. Except for today, and maybe yesterday. Today is one of the two days a week I write a blog, Wednesday being the other…I think. I remember thinking yesterday I should write one so I could get it up on time. Then I forgot to do it. Today, I thought it was Monday all morning, so I did what I usually do every Monday morning because evidently I forgot to do it yesterday when I should have.


See how confusing this gets?


However, my wife reminded me it was Tuesday, so I went about my business doing Tuesday things also, feeling very proud of myself that I got two days worth of tasks done in one morning. Then I realized, I hadn’t posted this yet, so I sat down to do it just a few minutes ago. When it’s finished, I have to do tomorrow’s also, so I don’t forget. Tomorrow is Wednesday, isn’t it?

All of this to say very little, in the last analysis, except to let those of you who have the same problem know that you’re not alone. We all forget, some of us are just better at it than others and I’m becoming one of the best. At least I haven’t come by it the hard way. It’s very easy for me to forget, actually.


Aren’t you glad we have a God who has a better memory than we do? Jesus tells us in the book of John that He is the Good Shepherd and he knows His sheep. I don’t know what I did yesterday for sure and have to think to remember what I had for lunch, but Jesus knows us so well he can go into a herd of sheep and pick out the ones that belong to Him. He remembers who we are.


And yet, He forgets too. In the book of Jeremiah God promises His people that if they seek Him, He will forgive their wickedness and remember their sins no more. Jesus promised the same thing.


So our God, unlike many of us, remembers who we are and can pick us out of a crowd, and yet, when we forget Him and His laws He forgives us and forgets what we did wrong…forever. If you can find a better deal than that anywhere…well, good luck with that!


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