Something Different

By: Dennis Bates

We say we’ll pray,

But there’s no follow up.

We assume we’re done,

Before we’ve begun;

We fail

To see if those we prayed for

Still need us.

Were their needs met?

Or is God asking us

Why we’re looking at Him

When the reason we’re here

Is to meet their needs for Him?

We send money to mission fields,

The farther away, the better,

As if there’s some nobility

In helping them

Because they’re poor,

Speak different languages,

Wear different colored sins

Or strange clothes.

But the people

In our own neighborhoods

Shouldn’t take welfare,

Shouldn’t expect us to help

Need to get a job

And take care of themselves.

Empty stomachs still rumble

And little babies cry

Wherever there is hunger,

Even if it’s next door.

We are not righteous,

And can never be just,

When we have so much

While they have so little,

And we look the other way.

We must not say, but do,

Not be false, but true

To the others

We were sent to help.

It is not me, but he;

It isn’t we, but they,

When we do it for them,

We do it for Him.



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