By:  Staci Stallings


Funny how God sets things up—even when we don’t take the time to notice. My biggest concern was leaving my children for three days to go on the retreat.


Now, I knew they would survive three days without me. I also knew they were in good hands. That wasn’t the point. The point was that I wanted to be there to put them to sleep, to wake them up, to sit in the chair and snuggle with them every morning. I wanted to hold them and remind them that I love them just in case they had forgotten since the last time I told them.  Instead here I was missing them and wondering how I would ever make it three days without them.


I was at peace, knowing that God would keep them for me, but I still knew I would miss not having them right there with me.  I went anyway, heavy heart and all.


When I got the key to my room, I dutifully memorized the number even as I carried and walked with my kids down the hall so they could see where Mommy was going to stay. 128. 128. 128. Stefani’s hand in mine. Andrew in my arms. Kayla holding onto my pantleg. Together, we all stepped into the room, looked around, and then it was time to go.


The evening passed. We separated as I kissed them. After a few activities, we were allowed to go back to our rooms. I took out my key and saw “128” stamped on it.


128. Why did that number sound so familiar and why had I been assigned that room and not say 122.  I’ve come to know that when I notice something like that, it’s usually because God’s trying to give me a message through it. I had noticed, so I knew there was a message there that God was trying to point out to me. 


As I looked at the key, I thought, “Huh, Stefani is 8. Maybe that’s why it sounds so familiar.”  Then I looked a little closer. “Andrew’s one!  One and eight. Andrew and Stefani, but where’s Kayla?” 


Number sense training kicked in at that point. I knew there was a 5 there somewhere, but that 2 was all wrong.  Then I saw it.


1 + 2 = 3 and 8 – 3 =  You guessed it!  FIVE!


So I got the right room. I know because God gave me the key I needed to hold onto all weekend. It was a nice reminder that He’s watching out for all of us—me and my kids.  If we ever doubt that, I know without question that He will put a key in our hand to remind us.


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