Morning Breath

By: Dennis Bates

I have to laugh about scenes in movies that show these beautiful couples waking up in the morning, snuggled in each other’s arms with adoring looks for each other on their faces. Put aside the marriage question for these purposes and just suppose that what they have done all night is appropriate. My question really is does anybody really look that good in the morning?


Don’t you ever wonder that? I mean, does Brad Pitt have sleepers in his eyes and morning breath? Does his movie star wife ever have indigestion, or worse, gas? Do they fight over the covers all night long and argue about who was taking their half out of the middle of the bed? Frankly, I could care less about their marital activities; I want to know about those things.


Admittedly, I am not a morning person, but sometimes when I look into the mirror and the first thing I see is me after an average night’s sleep, I even scare myself. And no amount of soft music, carefully arranged lighting or creative camera angles will change that. I just don’t look like they do in the movies first thing in the morning. For that matter, I don’t the rest of the day either, but that is another sad story for another time. 


My back hurts if it’s before noon, and if it isn’t my back, it’s my hip. I have to blow my nose, and if it’s really a good day all my snuffling, coughing and wheezing only lasts a half hour or so. I groan a lot, and I take at least one pill every day just so my fingers will be loose enough to type. And I write love stories. It must be because all of that is so romantic. Maybe not. I’m afraid to ask my wife. The truth is, none of us is all that romantic all the time. None of us is what we see on television and in the movies.


This may come as a shock to you, but even reality TV isn’t real. It’s staged and there are cameras and directors everywhere. If we saw what really goes on we would be disappointed. And if we saw Brad Pitt or any other of your favorite actors or actresses first thing in the morning, I’m betting you would be disappointed with them too. Carrie Underwood would be the exception because I can’t imagine she would ever look anything but fabulous, even if she only sang, but that too is another story.


I guess the real question is would any of these people, Carrie excepted, of course, be nearly as glamorous to us if we knew what they really looked like first thing in the morning? Probably not. That’s what makes God’s love for us all the more amazing. He knows what we look like first thing in the morning. He knows how we slept, how bad our breath is and how unglamorous we really are, and He loves us anyway, just the way we are, even before our shower.


First thing tomorrow morning look at yourself in the mirror; really look, and you’ll realize that God loves what you see there; he cares, and he’s willing to accept you just that way. How can you not love that back?




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