Darkness or Light?

By:Dennis Bates

When is least noisy

and the silken soft darkness

of a breezeless night is

perfectly black and calm

or even less,

I dream.

When the stars

don’t  flicker even a little

and provide reassurance

that everything is good;

when there is nothing

to light the shadows

or illuminate

the silent screams

in the night

that I hear only

in my soul

and nowhere else,

I feel the

frenzied fear of

forgotten faith, promises

made but soon forgotten

and prayer that God answered

but I didn’t,

and I wonder why—

why am I so afraid?

I hear the panting

of the ravenous lion

prowling in the night

looking to devour

the unwary and unconcerned.

I feel his hot heavy

breath on my neck

waiting for fear to soften me

so I will be easier prey,

and I make it easy for him.

I don’t resist;

I let his lies in the darkness

convince me

that I am doomed,

that all is lost,

and I might as well give up.

And it always happens

in the darkness,

in the night,

when I can be easily confused

somewhere between sleep

and wakefulness

where I thought I was safe

and set my shield aside.

It is especially then

that I should remember

it is all Satanic sleight of hand

that has no real power

unless I give it to him,

and I don’t have to

because I am a brother

not in the darkness

nor subject to it

no matter how hard he tries.

I am a son of the light

and a son of the day,

and darkness holds no sway,

for I have heard the words

“Let there be light,”

and there was light

And that Light shines

In the darkness everywhere

for you and for me.

All I have to do is open my eyes.










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