Right THERE!

By:  Staci Stallings

Okay.  So I told you about my awesome experience winning Cowboy tickets.  There’s one other thing about the day at Texas Stadium that I really need to mention.  As I said in my last post, one of my best friends went with us on the trip.  This friend and I are very open and vocal on the “isn’t God the coolest” thing.

In the three hours we were there before the game, we got to see lots of really neat things–the ring of honor, the players coming out for pre-pre-game warm-ups and stretching (yes, it is true that Tony Romo comes out like two hours early in just regular shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt to stretch on the 40-yard-line… I know this because I was two rows up ON the 40-yard-line the whole time!).  Then the players started appearing in their jerseys.

Now, honestly, if you’re not a Cowboys fan, I’m not sure this will translate, but there’s just something about those silver pants and that helmet with the star.  (Hang on, I’m getting to the point. I promise.)  After awhile, we actually started seeing numbers we recognized.  “Hey, there’s Marion Barber!”  “It’s Patrick Crayton!”

Of course after their team stretch, they went back into the tunnel to make their formal entrance onto the field.  It’s really difficult to capture the excitement in that stadium.  Electric would be a good word.

Then the game started, and something happened I hadn’t expected.  I started realizing just how close these guys that I have watched on my TV were.  I mean they were RIGHT THERE!

I’m not talking, I could see them in person through binoculars if I squinted just right.  I’m not talking I knew they were in the same building.  I mean they were RIGHT THERE!

For awhile the excitement of the game took over, and I kind of forgot about it.  However, at some point in the middle of the third quarter, I just looked down at that bench filled with the Dallas Cowboys offense.  There was Tony Romo, and he was RIGHT THERE! talking to Jason Witten who was RIGHT THERE! 

In some kind of awe-struck amazement I turned to my friend and said, “Is it just me, or is it not totally crazy that they are RIGHT THERE!  I mean… Tony Romo is RIGHT THERE!”  (At first she laughed at me, and then she started joining in.  She snapped a picture about this time that had Witten and Romo standing jersey-to-jersey with only their names showing).  The experience truly was amazing.

It was only AFTER I got home, however, that I was thinking about how neat that had been, and I started thinking about how that experience might teach me something more about God.  Then it hit me.  Some day I will be in Heaven (Texas Stadium is cool, but I’m thinking Heaven will most certainly be even more astounding!).  And as I’m standing there in Heaven, I’m going to look around.

And standing just across the way will be St. Peter, and he will not be some picture in a book or memorialized in some words on a page.  He will be RIGHT THERE!

I told my friend about this revelation that night, and her face lit up because she understood how awesome this is going to be. 

I mean, think about it.  You’ll be standing in Heaven, and Jesus Christ will be RIGHT THERE!

Now you tell me that’s not going to be just the most awesome thing EVER!


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