One of Those Days

By: Dennis Bates

I hate winter!


We had our first measurable snow fall here in Iowa November 30. We’ve had snow on the ground ever since then. So far we’ve accumulated nearly 20 inches of snow, which is already ahead of last year’s unusually high amount of snow.


I hate winter; I hate snow.


Okay, it’s pretty for an hour or two, but after that it gets old, and it doesn’t just snow here. Frequently there is an ice storm, sleet, and freezing rain that introduce the snow. We’ve had two of those already and already have a winter weather advisory out for tomorrow which forecasts an inch of ice followed by 2-5 additional inches of snow. So hiding under the layer of fresh snow will be a substantial layer of ice, making driving and walking even slipperier and more treacherous.


I hate winter; I hate snow; I hate ice.


Two years ago an ice storm accompanied by strong winds of up to 60 miles per hour broke tree limbs, knocked down entire trees, snapped power lines and kept our area without power for nearly three days. No power, no heat, no lights, no nothing. I had to unfasten the garage doors so I could open them manually. Fortunately my daughter has a one bedroom apartment only 15 miles from here and she had heat, but we had to get there first. We stayed in our house until the temperature dropped to 41 inside; then, we shut off the water so the pipes wouldn’t freeze and took a small suitcase to live with my daughter until we got heat.


I hate winter; I hate snow; I hate ice: I hate wind.


Not only does the wind do bad things to trees and power lines already weighed down with hundreds of extra pounds of ice; it also makes temperatures a lot colder, driving the cold through you instead of merely surrounding you with it. Two nights ago the actual air temperature was two degrees below zero. Add the 40 mile per hour wind gusts and the temperature with wind chill approached 20 degrees below zero, and let me assure you; that is cold!


I hate winter; I hate snow; I hate ice; I hate wind; and boy, do I hate cold.


The trouble is–well at least one of the troubles, anyway–winter doesn’t start for a few more days yet. It is still technically fall. When winter comes officially, it will get worse, and who knows how much worse? Where is all that global warming, and do you suppose Al Gore would send me some of it? Or would that ruin his movie, not to mention his Nobel Prize?


One of my friends told me I should just quit whining, make a fire and drink some hot cocoa. First of all whining is a Constitutional right, as far as I’m concerned, and I reserve the right to exercise it to the fullest extent possible. A fire in the fireplace sounds inviting, and I may actually give that a try as soon as I find the wood under all the snow. But, please don’t make me drink hot cocoa of hot chocolate, or anything like that.


I hate hot chocolate!

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