Make Every Day Count

By:  Staci Stallings

As some of you know, I’m currently writing a couple of books.  One of them is about being “God Positive.”  Basically that means you put God at the center of your life, let Him determine your worth and the scheduling of your life, and put all “issues” in His hands.  In writing the book I have realized that one of my big issues is my environment.  By that I mean, my “stuff” is a mess.

Right before Christmas a little friend of my son’s got in our van after school to stay warm.  She started digging in the debris and found a half-eaten, petrified cheese stick and a turkey my son had made for Thanksgiving.  (I told her next time I would bring a trashbag, and she could clean out my van.)  Not long after I got to the part about My Environment in the “God Positive” book, and I realized how drastic my situation was and that something had to change in a major way.

So, with it being New Years and with a nudge from the Holy Spirit, I made my New Years Resolution:  Make Every Day Count.

In conjunction with the “God Positive” book, I created a very simple form for each day of the week (in a weekly booklet).  The form lists eight of the issues the book deals with.  It came about because a friend of mine said she wanted a list of how I was making each day count–you’ve got to love those friends who strive to keep you accountable!  This list is kind of a reverse-goal list.  Instead of goals I want to get done, I write down what I DID get done.

The first week, I decided to make sure I “planted seeds” for at least three of my top four issues each day.  This week I’m expanding that to four, and WOW has it already made a huge difference!  Don’t laugh, but I can now walk all the way from the door to my desk without tripping over anything.  My kitchen is clean (not the junk but the dishes which is a start).  The laundry is all finished (for now anyway).  And I even got my kids to clean the living room last night without a big fight.  That is definitely a miracle!

Even cooler, we are in the process of switching over my husband’s company to a whole new system.  There was a time that would have sent me running for the covers, but now, I just do one or two things at a time, and it’s working.

So, if you’re interested in changing something in your life this year, may I suggest the Make Every Day Count method.  Because of God and it, I’m looking forward to a great 2009!


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