A Rant

By: Dennis Bates

Forgive me in advance today but I am going to do something that I rarely do in this forum. I’m going to rant. I can’t help it.


I feel like sometimes these days I’m standing in the middle of the mob in Jerusalem listening to the people cry out “Give us Barabbas.” Maybe it’s because today is Ash Wednesday and I know this is the beginning of the story that ends and also begins there , or maybe I’m just fed up with the lynch mob mentality that seems to pervade our society today in almost every aspect of it.


I’ll just give you a few examples. First, let’s look back to our former leader, President George W. Bush. He wasn’t my favorite President, but he certainly deserved more respect than he got from everyday people, late night talk show hosts, and especially the high minded journalists who seem to have forgotten that their job is to give us the news, not their personal opinions and biases.  I don’t care what  Ms Couric or CNN or Fox News thinks; just tell me what happened, and if you have to ask questions, at least have the courtesy to wait for an answer before you pursue your own personal agenda and ask your next loaded question.


The same thing happened just across the river to the former Governor of Illinois, whose name I can’t spell. To this day I haven’t heard one real accusation backed by any evidence that any court would recognize as valid that he did anything wrong. The worst thing that I heard in all the news reports was a taped telephone conversation (which in my opinion may have been illegal) where he made some imprudent comments about a vacant senate seat. Yet, based on absolutely nothing Governor B was impeached and removed from office and again, the journalists and late night talk show hosts led the way with one-liners and stories full of clever phrases which contained little, if any substance. Since when has it been a crime to act like a politician and solicit campaign contributions and peddle influence? Gee, I’ll bet nobody in Springfield, Illinois or Washington D.C has ever done that before.


And now the same group of upstanding and right thinking individuals is trying to run the man appointed to fill President Obama’s seat in the Senate out of office. Why? Because he may have supported the former governor too much and not answered one of their trick questions cleverly enough. Never mind the fact that he was duly appointed and seated by the members of the Senate.


It isn’t happening only in politics. The woman who elected to have eight new children recently to add to the six she already has, is also a favorite target lately. Granted, it may not have been the wisest or even the most responsible thing to do on her part. However, the people that seem to making the most noise and raising the most self righteous indignation are the same people who would have rallied to her support if she had elected to terminate the pregnancies rather than see them to term. Why is it nobler to abort than give birth?


Leave the poor woman alone. Please. Leave all of us alone for that matter. I don’t want some New Age, faddish ground swell of pseudo intellectuals with delusions of grandeur and empty souls telling me how fat is too fat, how green is green enough, or that global warming is here when we have had the longest and coldest winter in recent years where I live. Nonthink of the masses is not a moral compass I want to take direction from, and I’ve never thought being anywhere in line with the lemmings was desirable, even if I was first in line.


I can’t help but hear the words of the old Fanny Crosby hymn:


Take the world, but give me Jesus;

In His cross my trust shall be,

Till, with clearer, brighter vision,

Face to face my Lord I see.

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