Prayer Team

By:  Staci Stallings

I am seriously thinking about instituting a prayer team around me.  In fact, by the time you read this, there might be one in place.  I know it’s on my heart to do, but there are a couple of problems.  1) How?  2) Isn’t that a bit arrogant?

Okay, let’s deal with first things first.  Why?

Why would I want a prayer team around me (and why should you consider forming one around you)?

I cannot answer your question, but I will attempt to answer mine.  God is calling me to step into things I really do not feel equal to tackling (which is always a really good sign that it IS God).  There is the “God Positive” book and blog, which should be up any day now.  There are the novels that I’m writing (don’t ask how many, I’ll get a headache!).  There are my immediate friends–those Holy Spirit friends that are on my heart at all hours and moments of the day.  They have pressing needs that God whispers on my heart the answer for theirs quite often.  Then there is VBS which is coming up again, and I may get the fun but “wow!” challenge of staging the story of creation, and I ask you, exactly HOW do you do that with six teenagers and half a pickup load of props.  I’m also on a team for a retreat now, and I feel called there to minister to the other members of the team.  That’s not to even mention the writing friends I have who are on my heart all the time about their projects and the ground they are taking for God and how they need protection from Satan.  And then there is my family and my church…

This may sound arrogant or whatever, but I need a Prayer Team.  I need a group of people that I can go to who will pray with me–for people, for territory, for steps that I know I’m being called to, but do not feel equal to.

And so we come to how?  I don’t know.

God has put something of a plan on my heart, but wow does it feel like getting out of that boat to go to someone and say, “Would you join a prayer team for me?”  And I don’t even think it would be for me exactly.  I mean the others would be encouraged to bring their concerns and joys as well.  But I have to say, it’s hard to storm heaven for a thousand different things by yourself.

Consider this a lament or a prayer.  I’m not even sure which it is.  But I’m committed to sharing my journey with you.  So there it is.  If you feel called, please pray for the formation of my prayer team.  God is working here.  It’s just having the courage to step out and I need prayers.


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