By:  Staci Stallings

I woke up this morning and realized Spring Break is over.  All in all not a bad thing exactly.  At least I don’t have to sit here and listen to my kids fight all the time.  Today, they are the teachers’ issues.  (And we simply don’t pay teachers enough, I’ve decided after last week.)  However, the end of Spring Break means that life begins again, and since you’re here, I’ll confess.  I let many things go over Spring Break.

Like a good blamer, I will say that a lot of that is not my fault.  My primary “tool” is the computer, and when my kids are home, my time on the computer is squished in between, “Phineas & Ferb and the Great Roller Coaster” and Webkinz and the newest outfits to dress your make-believe pet.  So I let the bank statements go, and the bills, and sending the bills (and the blog, but no one noticed that… right?).  We went skiing and then camping.  In my defense, I did some laundry.  Not all.  Some.  So there’s that to catch up on as well.

Of course, cleaning with children in the house is pointless, so I let that go too.  And I couldn’t make my CD’s for tonight’s meetings because that required the computer.  Ditto the song sheets.  Ditto the chords for the songs.

In a previous life, I would have been freaking out about now, but this morning, I decided to drift instead of freak.  So far, it’s worked out pretty well.  Somehow I got the CD’s done while I was doing the bank statements.  I still have to do bills, but those won’t be terribly hard.  Cleaning house will take some time, but I’m vowing right here to do a little at a time.  Laundry?  Well, that you just have to do in loads, which I promise I will do as soon as I get up from here.

It’s amazing to me how complicated life can get, and how complicated we can make it.

It’s a good thing God has taught me to drift rather than to freak.  Today, it’s a really good thing!

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