In His Image

By: Dennis Bates

Sometimes words flow freely when I sit down to write, and sometimes they don’t flow at all. At times like that, typing each letter feels like exercising muscles I didn’t know Ihad anymore and the net result is I am sore and tired by the end of the day. Writers live for the moments when the words flow effortlessly and we still have energy at the end of the day.


But those aren’t necessarily the days when the words and phrases I craft are the best, just the easiest. Most of the time the writing I like best at the end is the writing that comes from those moments that are the hardest and most difficult. I know when the moments come for the most part. I feel myself drawn into a zone where nothing exists except for the words that focus on what I’m trying to say. Each word feels good when I finish writing it or  when I change it, and I simply can’t stop until every word is exactly the way it should be.


Some people might not care how long or how painstakingly I worry about everything being just right and sometimes I may get it wrong. But I care, and I hate putting down anything that isn’t exactly the way I want it to be. It’s not vanity or pride that makes me feel that way, it’s more like duty and responsibility.


See, I take the words in Genesis 1, verse 27 quite seriously, even though I often act like I don’t take anything seriously. In those seminal verses of the Bible we are told that God created man in his own image and I believe that and take it literally. We are made just like God and we have a duty and a responsibility to act like it, even in the words we speak or write. To be sure, we are not made to be God, but to be like God as much as possible.


Acting like God does not flow freely for human beings, but that doesn’t free us from our duty to try and give it our all. We should ache and be tired at the end of the day because God sets a high standard for us to emulate…a perfect standard that we can never meet without the grace that only he has to give us through Jesus Christ. However, the fact that He is perfect and we cannot be doesn’t relieve us of our duty to try…to give it our all.


“And the words of the Lord are flawless like silver refined in a furnace of clay purified seven times,” the Psalmist said. Seven means eternal in the Bible so this verse means the words of the Lord are flawless forever. Compared to God’s words, mine haven’t even gone through the first refinement yet, so they have a lot of purifying that is still required, but I know at the end of my day, if I keep trying, they will be purer than they are now, even if I am tired and sore.


I have been made in His image and so have my words. What more can I ask?


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