He Touched Me

By: Dennis Bates

One of the really neat things about the Internet is that you meet a lot of people who you would never have met otherwise. One of the really uncool things about the Internet is that you don’t really meet people you would really like to meet. If that sounds a little like a contradiction, welcome to the Internet.

I have to admit, as a chronologically mature man, technology is hard to keep up with. My wife thinks it’s passed her by; I refuse to accept that. However, I have to admit that I am straining to keep up with it. I had just become almost familiar with email and instant messaging when I heard about web pages, blogs, social networking. Then there’s texting.

If it weren’t for texting, apps and all those other things, a lot of phone companies would be in serious trouble, driving Chevrolets or worse yet Chrysler products. What’s that thing hanging on your kitchen wall for anyway? It’s a what? A telephone? How could that be? You can’t hang it on your belt, access your email or order pizza with it, and it certainly won’t give you directions or show you the way to the closest beach from here. So what good is it? You talk on it? What is talking for anyway?

That kind of conversation isn’t that far off, and perhaps it has already been held in a lot of circles, mainly younger ones than I hang out with. Still, it reemphasizes something I learned early on when computers became desk top essentials in every business. Computers may be a great way to transfer massive amounts of data to an unlimited number of people simultaneously, but they are still a lousy way to communicate.

I won’t even talk about the cyber predators that use the internet to trick unsuspecting young girls into meeting with them. That is another set of issues altogether.

What I am talking about is something every person who works in business knows even if they won’t admit it. There is still no really good substitute for looking somebody in the eye, shaking their hand and talking face to face in person. Even teleconferences don’t replace that kind of personal encounter where you can see body language, watch facial expressions and actually touch somebody who is in the same room with you if it’s only to shake their hand. Anything other than that is just not the same.

Jesus didn’t send emails. He didn’t heal people with a text message. That’s not to say he couldn’t have, but He didn’t. He looked them in the eyes, let them hear his voice and healed them by laying his hand on them; in short, He touched them, just as the classic Gaither Gospel song says:

            Shackled by a heavy burden, “Neath a load of

            guilt and shame; Then the hand of Jesus touched me,

            And now I am no longer the same.

            He touched me, O, He

            touched me, And O, the joy that floods my soul! Something

            happened, and now I know, He touched me and made me whole.

I guess the simple point I am trying to make here is this: Technology is amazing, helpful and even fun, but there is no substitute for sitting in the same room with the real, live Jesus and letting him touch you and make you whole. He has done that so many times with so many people, and He can and will do it again for you and me too.


2 Responses to He Touched Me

  1. Kathleen L. Maher says:

    Oh, man, that song reminds me of Kathryn Kuhlman. nice post. Now I have to go dig up her old books and reread them. . .
    : )

  2. Dennis says:

    Thank you. I have always loved that song, but there are very few of theirs that I don’t. They are so gifted and their concerts are always an inspiration.

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