Understanding the Puzzle Part II Justice

By:  Staci Stallings

Understanding the Puzzle

Part 2


Just when you think this story could get no worse, it does.  It is bad enough that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s Kingdom, but add to this God’s perfect justice, and fear becomes the only logical outcome.  God’s wrath is real.  So is His justice. God has no place for evil or for sin in His Kingdom.  In fact, He hates what evil and sin does to His people—to you and to me.   His justice is perfect.

That’s where the eye for an eye thing comes in.  God’s justice says, “If you do this to someone else, you will be repaid likewise.”  So if you steal from, you will be stolen from.  If you lie to, you will be lied to.  If you kill, you will die.  Think for just a moment about the connection between death and the world.  In the world, this law is operational.  You will get what you give out.  If you give out horror and hate, you will get it back pressed down and shaken together.  Look for example at the gangs and the mob.  Reciprocity is the rule, not the exception.

You kill one of our gang members, we will kill one of yours—or two of yours, which ups the stakes and in retaliation you kill three of ours.  Worse, lives are not equal.  So they may come after our gang to kill one in retaliation for one we killed of theirs.  If they kill one I only sparsely know, I might be willing to kill just one of theirs in return, but if they kill my sister, that retaliation will be bloody and brutal, which of course will result in a greater retaliation from them.

In God’s justice, you will pay for what you have done.  His justice is perfect.  Although it does not ramp up like a gang’s, He will require your life if you are less than perfect.  The wages of sin is death.  It is not so much that God is mean as that He is perfectly fair.  What you have given out, you will get back.  And one sin wipes out any and all good you have done because one sin is enough to keep you out of Heaven.

Let’s be clear.  God’s justice is no laughing matter for those who choose to go it alone.  It will be reckoned with at some point.

Coming Monday:  Part III Mercy (hang on, the Good News is coming!)


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