Surviving Tough Times

By: Dennis Bates

I have never endorsed a book in this blog since I started writing it slightly more than a year ago. However, I am about to change that practice. As a writer myself, the support and encouragement from peers is not only appreciated, but sometimes just the push you need to keep going when you begin to wonder why you keep doing this. Believe me, for most of us it’s not the money. Well it is in a way, but it’s more like how much is this going to cost me this time, as opposed to how much will I make from this.

“Surviving Tough Times,” by Lynn Zuk-Lloyd is a relatively short  book written and illustrated by an incredibly gifted and sprit filled woman from the greater Chicago area. It is published by and can be purchased from Purchase it; the book is a treasure of the simple Bible truths that get us all through the tough times in life.

The most difficult part about describing the book is telling  someone exactly what it is. Is it a devotional book with creative and fascinating artwork surrounded by scripture verses that we can ponder each day? Or is it an impassioned devotional book that is supported by clever  print lay out and artwork that makes the printed material poetry of the highest caliber. My answer would be, “Yes.” It’s both and more.

If all you did was read one or two pages each day and meditate on them, you would find that the simple direct and unapologetic messages of the power of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ would make your day better. I offer this warning, however, once you start reading it you will be sucked in and want to read another page, and then another until you finish. The good news is that it reads and inspires just as well the second time through.

One of my favorites pages, probably because I need it the most says simply:




Be quiet

 my thoughts,

  I want to hear

    God whisper.

      Be still my soul,

       I want to feel

        God’s presence.

There are other portions to this page and I can’t do the lay out justice in this blog, but just those two sections alone say so much to me. As I said in a recent blog, I tend to talk too much and listen too little, especially to God. Stopping to be still enough to feel his presence is something that can make any day better.

Through a juxtaposition of personal thoughts, scripture and comments from other fellow Christians Lynn has created a book that should be kept wherever you take time to reconnect to the source of all our power. It works as a quick reminder of things we tend to forget or as a short book that can take a long time to digest the deep truth it offers.

Don’t be fooled by its outward simplicity. When you stop, make yourself and listen to what it says you can feel the presence of the living God. It’s that good.


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