This Page Intentionally Left Blank

By: Dennis Bates

Have you ever read a book that says “This page intentionally left blank? I used to see that in legal documents a lot and I never knew why. The first time I published a book with Staci, I found lots of blank pages on the formatted manuscript before it went to the printer. I dutifully marked them all and reported them to her.

She responded telling me that the pages had to be left blank because the way the printer of the books did things, everything needed to be done in even numbers. Therefore some of the pages were purposely left blank so the printer’s machines could handle them. Even thought there was no designation that said that, the pages were intentionally left blank.  

Some days that’s the way writing is. It’s almost as if God purposely leaves your mind and your heart blank. It’s not a mistake and it doesn’t need to be corrected. In fact, the more you try to correct the pages that God intentionally leaves blank in your life, the worse it gets.

They are supposed to be that way. We just need to understand them for what they are: God’s way of bringing us into balance . On days like that we need to be still and know that He and He alone is God. He has something He wants to tell us and we need to listen so we can hear what it is. Leave the page blank. He wants it that way.

When you start writing something, you begin with a blank piece of paper. Why? Because it would be confusing to use a page that was half full. Where would we write what we had to say if the page weren’t blank. In the margins, between the lines, on the back? It seems simple doesn’t it? We start fresh.

Yet, so many times we try to give God pages of our lives that are already filled with our own words, our own thoughts and our own desires. We expect Him to write his words for us in the margins or on the backs of pages we have already used. Is it any wonder that we get confused and mix up His will and his thoughts with our own?

I don’t think so.

We need to intentionally leave some pages blank in our lives so God can write on them. Then, we need to step back and allow Him to show us what He wants the Holy Spirit to tell us. Then, and only then will we get His message clearly.  Don’t hurry to fill those blank pages yourself. Let God do it.

2 Responses to This Page Intentionally Left Blank

  1. I LOVE this post! For me, I find that I want to write on all of the pages in all of the chapters at the same time. I have a chapter on my kids and school, one on my writing, one on my publishing, one on my house, one on helping other writers, one on my yard, one on my immediate family, one on my friends, and on and on. For the longest time if I wasn’t writing something on all of the chapters every single day, I felt like a failure.

    The cool thing I have learned is that God leaves blank pages intentionally in one chapter on one day only to write whole sections in it the next. I used to fight this and try to control it. I have found it much more relaxing and fun to just let HIM decide which “chapter” we’re working on today… or even at this moment, and then watch Him write.

    Man, life is so much more fun like that!

    Thanks for the insightful visual, Dennis!

  2. Dennis says:

    Thanks, Staci. Anytime I can help my guru, I feel privileged to do so. As you know, I’ve had to learn this myself.

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