Thanksgiving’s Only 10 Days Away…

By:  Staci Stallings

For several years now Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday.  Every year we go to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, and I just love that day.  My aunt is my mom’s sister, and she has been having Thanksgiving for a LONG time, since I was about 10 or 12 (and that’s all I’m going to say on that point).  At first, it was just my mom’s family (5 of us) and my aunt’s family (4 of them).  But then we added inlaws and then we added grandkids.  In a few years we may start adding grandinlaws and great grandkids.  Suffice it to say, the party has grown.

However, the cool thing about this party is that everyone is just… well… family.  The kids all play together, and except for the time the bunkbeds collapsed, we seldom even hear from them all day.  The baby, whomever that happens to be, plays in the living room.  The others play in the basement or they go down to the local football field to play a little catch.  The adults watch the Cowboys play (wink to Dennis!).  Most of all, we just hang out and talk.

This family is not real big on games, so there’s not much competition or gamesmenship during the day.  It’s just a day to get together and enjoy each other.

I love that about Thanksgiving.  There is no overriding toy frenzy going on.  You don’t have to fret over if whatever you got is going to fit or if they will like it.  You can even ride comfortably in the van without presents and suitcases and hanging bags everywhere.  For one day, you just get to be together all day with nothing else to do, nowhere else to be, and just have fun.

The funny thing is, my seven-year-old already has this figured out.  We were two weeks to Halloween when he started asking when Thanksgiving was.  “Are we going to go to (aunt’s) house?”  “Yes.”  To which he would start bouncing. “I can’t WAAAAAIT!”

I can’t either.

So ten days out, I’m going to tell you this:  I am thankful for being in a family that just likes to hang out together, no fights, no trying to impress or condescend, no pressure.  Just be together.  For that, I believe I am very, VERY blessed.

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