Different is Good

By: Dennis Bates

My wife and I get our hair cut at the same place from the same person. Actually, she calls it getting her hair done and I call it getting my hair cut. In her case “done” includes “cut” most of the time, but it also includes considerably more. For one thing, my hair is gray. Prudence dictates that I stop there.

My point is this: Much as I hate to hear this kind of thing, men and women are different in so many ways. The above paragraph is only one of them. As with any broad statement that smacks of stereotype, everything doesn’t always apply to everybody, but there are some bases for the broad brush references.

One of the more classic examples of this is asking for directions. Women will ask just about anyone where they are when they get lost. In fact, their first instinct whenever they are even slightly disoriented is to ask somebody where they are and how to get to where they want to go. Men, on the other hand, would rather starve to death in the wilderness than to admit they are lost and ask somebody how to get somewhere. It’s just an unmanly thing to do no matter how much sense it might make at the time.

Women insist on wearing “outfits;” men simply wear clothes. Outfits are carefully coordinated and match according to some set of ever changing guidelines dictated by fashion experts. Men are confused even by the term “coordinated” and matching is a sign of weakness. Blue jeans go with anything, as do khaki pants, and who says plaids and checks don’t go together?

Women eat salads and skinless chicken breasts; men could survive on pizza and peanut butter. Bread is optional and a spoon or even a finger works just as well.

Even when we like the same things, which we often do, we may see them differently. A lot of women I know like football, but many of them like it because the quarterback is cute and he reminds them of the guy they always wanted to go to the Prom with. Man love football because they like to watch the big, heavy muscled linemen crash into each other. Plus a lot of the linemen have bellies some of us can relate to. I know I can.

Cuddling is another thing both men and women like, but from different perspectives. Women like to cuddle because it makes them feel warm and protected. Men like to cuddle because it makes them feel warm and hopeful. Just being honest.

Personally, I find the differences exciting and interesting. I feel strongly that there is a reason why in the very beginning God created us male and female. Vive la difference! But even though we are different, God made us this way so that we would be united and no longer be two, but one. We have to remember that part also.

So, today my wife will have her hair done this morning, and I will have mine cut this afternoon by the same person in the same shop. It will be different, but tonight we will both have shorter hair.



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