The Power of Today

By:  Staci Stallings

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I’m starting my diet on Monday.”

“I’ll start exercising next week.”

We’ve all done it–put off ’til tomorrow what we know we should be doing today.

There’s an old song called “One Day at a Time,” and if I have made any type of New Years resolution, it’s this:  “Make the most of today.”

I have found that if I live in tomorrow, nothing gets done.  Oh, all the things that I will do tomorrow sound good, but somehow when I live in tomorrow, tomorrow never quite seems to get here.

So I’ve decided to live in today.  Today I will clean my house.  Today I will do the dishes and make the bed.  Today I will get those bills paid I’ve been putting off.

I’ve been living in today for a couple weeks now, and remarkably, I can see whole areas of carpeting in my house!  I’m caught up on finances (for the moment), and we’re half way through the science project that’s due at the end of January.

Will this continue?  I hope so.  But something tells me it will if I can just continue to harness the power of today.

One Response to The Power of Today

  1. Dennis Bates says:

    You will. You know how I nag. (g) Good for you! Better yet, good for the Holy Spirit. I’m sure you just heard it sigh. “Finally, my daughter.”

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