A Review of Except for the Eagles

By: Dennis Bates

Let’s face it; authors frequently seek out other writers to review their latest books. It’s called marketing, and it helps sell copies of their books, which is, after all, one of the reasons they are written. So up front: I know Peg Phifer from talking to her on an Internet group we both belong to, but I did not solicit her review. In fact, she bought the copy of the book she reviewed, something reviewers don’t always do. Just so you know.

I do think very highly of her and not just because of the review. She is one of a small group of people who have mostly never met except on the Internet. The group, which we have nicknamed “The Gracie’s,” acts as a critique group, a resource, a prayer group and in some cases a lifeline that sustains each of us and constantly reminds us that our ultimate help comes from the Lord, but loving friends don’t hurt either.

That’s the reason Peg’s review linked below touched me so deeply. She didn’t have to write it, but she did anyway, and instead of being puffed up by her kind and generous review, I am totally humbled by it. Thank you, Peg. You have no idea how important that review is to me. I invite the rest of you to read her review and her blog every day, and to God be the glory.  Hallelujah!



One Response to A Review of Except for the Eagles

  1. Thank you, Dennis, not only for the link to my blog post and the review, but for your kind words. Reviewers like to be thanked, too.

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