He’s Already There

By:  Staci Stallings

A month ago I wrote a post about being in the wilderness–how God sometimes sends you to a place where everything is “unknown” and you really don’t know which way to even go to get out of there.  It is a scary, confusing place.  In the wilderness it’s sometimes very hard to trust God because you just can’t see how it can ever work out.  Because YOU are so out-of-control, it is tempting to think that God is too.  Of course that’s never the case, but sometimes it sure feels like it is.

I learned with my oldest daughter who was born three months early and had some real challenges those first couple months that when God says “Be Not Afraid,” He’s got a reason for that.  The reason is that He is already there.  He is already at the point where things are okay again.  He’s already at the place where you are out of the wilderness and back in the Promised Land.  Best of all, He knows how to get you from Point A (the wilderness) to Point B (the Promised Land of milk and honey).  I have learned that the best thing you can do in the wilderness is to hold on and trust Him.  It’s the only thing (and the quickest) to get from Point A to Point B.

Well, I just got another lesson in He’s already there.

If you recall, when I asked for prayers it was for my 7-year-old son.  He had had two mild seizures in school, and we were going to the hospital to do testing.  You might also recall that the testing didn’t occur because he freaked out and then that God sent us in a different direction for help.  You might also recall that he was having extreme difficultly in spelling and reading and that was giving me cause for great concern.

Now let’s flash forward literally one month later.  Through several unbelievable miracles, some that started literally 20 years or more ago, God directed us first to one off-the-beaten-track doctor and then to another.  The first doctor has been my dentist for 15 years.  He’s a genius, not because of regular medicine, but because he has learned to trust the body and what it can tell him rather than imposing his limited knowledge onto the situation.  He tested my son and found he had fallen.

He kept saying, “Yes, he fell.  Sometime he fell.  Very hard in fact.  On his head.”  I was lost.  I could not think of a time my son had fallen that hard.  After the testing, the doctor recommended another doctor… a chiropractic neurologist.  Lands, I didn’t even know there was such a thing!

What I didn’t understand then was what a chiropractor neurologist does.  Unlike a regular chiropractor who works on the bones and specifically the spine, a chiropractic neurologist works on the nervous system.

About two minutes before we were to go back, I remembered like a flash.  When my son was 3, I had nickel poisoning.  This would have been inside the week I got the braces off that were causing all of the problems.  I was weak, off-balance, and really, really ill.  I was carrying my son to the van parked out front of our house when on the sidewalk, I lost my balance and fell with a crash to the concrete.  My son fell with me and cracked his head on the concrete.  I remember very well sitting there holding him, rocking him, and crying.

Of course, we went on.  But that incident that I had even forgotten about didn’t get forgotten by his head.  It through some nasty twists into his brain make-up and nerves.

Thankfully (PRAISE GOD!), the chiropractic neurologist (who self-admittedly kind of “fell into this practice”… it wasn’t even something he KNEW could be studied when he started) went about diagnosing and treating almost immediately.

One of our problems was that my son’s one eye was not tracking like the other.  This was causing all kinds of problems in reading.  (Who knew?!)  Further, parts of his right brain weren’t talking to his left brain, and that was causing all kinds of MORE problems!

The doctor worked on him for about 20 minutes, and when Andrew turned over, he kept rubbing his eyes like someone had just turned on a mega-watt bulb.  When the doctor did the eye test again, Hallelujah!  The eye was tracking again.

Since I wrote that post one month ago, we have also found a computer program that helps kids identify sounds in a word (one of the things he was having huge problems with).  The program for those of you who are teachers is called “Sound Reading.”  It breaks down words into sounds so children (and adults) can learn to put them together into words.

Well, with Sound Reading, but even before the doctor, my son’s spelling has improved from studying 10 words for 6 hours to get a 65 on the test to studying 10 words + a sentence for 3 hours (0ver the course of a week) to get a 107 on the test!

God is so good!

The cool thing to me is, He was already HERE when I was out in the wilderness freaking out about where to go and how to fix this.  The cooler thing is He knew just the steps I needed to take to get here.  The coolest thing ever is He already knows where we’re going with this whole thing, and although I don’t know where that is, I can tell you, I’m convinced it’s going to be somewhere completely AMAZING!


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