The Sun Is Out

By:Dennis Bates

The sunlight is streaming in the window of the lower level back door next to my work area today. That alone excites me. It has been 14 days since we saw the sun here is eastern Iowa, and believe me nothing depresses me more than the constant gray skies that block out the sun.

Sure, it’s still only 14 degrees and the wind gusts make the temperature feel as if it is below zero as they blow the new snow around. But the sunshine almost makes up for all of that. Even though it is cold, there is something cheery about the sun.

The Bible tells us that on more than one occasion the face of Jesus shown as bright as the sun. At one point during the transfiguration His brightness was so overpowering that God commented from the heavens that Jesus was His son and He was well pleased with Him. The disciples fell on their faces when they heard and saw that. That’s how powerful the experience was to them.

That’s how it is with Jesus. He lights the dark corners of our lives and provides light on both cloudy and cloudless days. Sometimes His brightness is almost overwhelming even for those of us who are used to it.

But think of those who are not used to it. Think about those who live in the darkness of night or even the dull grays of a cloudy day. Is it any wonder that they are depressed, that they strive to find a way to give meaning to their depression and overcome it?

I know how gloomy I felt for the last two weeks even though I knew that eventually the sun would come out again and lift our spirits. How deep would my gloom be if I had no hope, no assurance and no reason to believe that I would ever see the sun again? Deeper than I could probably stand.

As Christians we need to tell others about the sun that lies just behind the clouds waiting to shine through. We need to assure those who live in the gray gloom of sunless lives that they do not have to live there forever. There is hope. We know because we have seen it and experienced it.

As the prophet Isaiah proclaimed:

            The people walking in darkness

                        have seen a great light;

            on those living in the land of the

                        shadow of death

            a light has dawned

And the prophecy was fulfilled in the Light to all the world. Jesus.

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