My New Doctors

By:  Staci Stallings

Some of you may have been following the saga of my 7-year-old son.  Back in December we were having major issues with his little brain not working quite right.  Then we got directed to a chiropractic neurologist who has turned night into day in my son’s mind.  (We’re looking at a 95 average in spelling this six weeks, up from a 79 in spelling last six weeks.)

It should come as no surprise then that my son thinks said doctor hung the moon.  Those two hit it off from the very first meeting.  I can’t explain it except to say I believe this connection was arranged by Someone with a much bigger plan in mind.

Now it may well be many, many years before I can tell you definitively what this connection means for the world, but I can tell you what it means to mine already.

On Saturday I had a HORRIBLE headache.  I get those every so often.  This one had me in bed for three hours.  We were supposed to go to a fundraiser that evening.  I did not feel like moving from my chair when I got up.  I was trying to either talk mysel into toughing it out or figuring out a way to weasel out of it when my son and middle daughter bounced (that’s the correct word too) into the room.

“Mom!  You want to make an appointment?  We’ll be the doctor.”

To be honest, I wasn’t really in the mood for playing.

“No, it’ll be good.  You’ll see.  We promise.”

They were dressed up so cute in their little doctor attire, how could I say no?

So I went to their office.  Daughter checked me in, asking what my symptoms were.  As soon as that was over, she said, “Come on back.”  Well, “back” was more “over” into the corner where they had laid out two couch cushions and a large pillow on the floor.  My knee was one of the things that needed “fixed,” so getting onto the floor was a challenge.

“Okay.  Now just relax.”

Son got out our vibrator and started it on my back.  I’m not normally a big fan of that thing, but he did it really gentle, and… ugh… I started to relax.   Then daughter got started on my feet.   To be honest, I taught her to do this.  I have rubbed her feet with oils and lotions ever since she was little.  I had no idea she was paying so close of attention.  She started massaging my feet, and… ugh… I relaxed even more!

As she rubbed, Daughter found a spot on the side of my foot that was a big knot.  At first it hurt like crazy, but she kept rubbing it and my instep, and all of a sudden, it released.  Son was working by now on my low back.  It was like heaven!

Thirty minutes flew by, and when they finished, they asked if I would like to come back for another appointment.  My leg and knee and ankle felt so much better, I told them definitely.  They said they could see me in about thirty minutes.  (So cute!)  So when I went back, I told them about my shoulder.  In thirty minutes I felt better than I have in months!

I actually went to the fundraiser and danced a little.

I got two more treatments on Sunday and one each night this week.  They are going to pay for college and a car each just giving me treatments, but I’m not complaining!  And they really do an incredible job.  When they say thirty minutes, they don’t mean 25.  You get the whole time!

So, I don’t know what the doctor started, but for my part, it was something REALLY good!


3 Responses to My New Doctors

  1. Peg Phifer says:

    Oh, that is so precious! Do you lease them out? Only one problem, the airfare to Vegas every day would be astronomical! LOL

  2. Well, I supposed you could come here. They charge $20 for 30 minutes, unless you hit them on a special day and then it’s $15. 🙂

    And, I’m being really serious… they are GOOD!

  3. I’m so glad to hear that your son is better. And what darlings! That sounds like a wonderful early Valentine’s Day gift they gave you. Bless their little hearts!

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