Source NOT Resources

From Theirs is the Kingdom by Staci Stallings

Source Not Resources

So what resources of choice are you trying to make be your source?  Your own hard work?  What happens if you get ill and can’t work, or get laid off, or retire?  What happens if the rain over that river suddenly stops falling?  What happens to your feeling of being “okay” in yourself and in the world?

Maybe your resource of choice is money or fame or appearance.  What happens when the stock market plummets, someone else’s star rises higher than yours or you look in the mirror one day to find your beauty has faded?

Just about anything in this world can be a false god, a resource of choice (much like a drug of choice).  Your career, the approval of others, your talents, your possessions, even your sense that you are helping.  When you turn to any of these to give you your love, worth, and acceptance, you invariably turn from God to the resource.  That turn is what He most wants you to avoid because He knows the rain from those resources is intermittent and unreliable at best.  He doesn’t want you to live one paycheck away from destruction.  He doesn’t think you should have to prove you are good enough, strong enough, or pretty enough over and over again, making rain, coaxing the rain, panicking when the rain doesn’t fall over your resource of choice.

No, God desires that you live a full, abundant life free of panic and worry.  He wants you to relax and trust Him for the rain you need.  He wants you to see Him as your Source—your only Source.

It is only in learning to make God your only source that you can ever truly relax and trust.  Otherwise, you are one freak drought away from being totally worthless and miserable (and you’re not even sure you aren’t already there).

(For those who have been following along in this series, here are the questions for the Bible Study.)

Chapter Questions

1)       What do you perceive as being the differences between Source (God) and your resources?

2)      Name some resources you rely upon (people or things).

3)      Are these resources in proper perspective for you or do they ever become your source?  Which ones?  How so?

4)      What coming storms do you see if you continue to use that resource as your source?  (i.e. What could happen to make a drought in that resource river?)

Coming Tuesday Chapter 2:  The Danger of Living with You as Your Source


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