The Garment

By:  Staci Stallings

On Friday we lost another really good guy from our family.  This man had battled cancer for some time, and though it was sad to see him go, it is good that he is finally at peace.

The sermon at the funeral was given by one of my favorite priests.  He’s a young man, a cousin of mine, and I’m really coming to enjoy his sermons.  He often speaks with no notes, which makes me a little nervous, but he always comes up with the BEST visual symbols.

In this sermon he spoke about how the man had told him some time ago his philosophy about faith.  He said that he had thought a great deal about the wedding garment story.  In the Biblical story, told by Jesus, the Master throws a wedding for his Son.  He invites all of his friends, but none of them come.  So he orders his servants out into the street to find people to come for the wedding.  Each new guest is given a wedding garment at the door.  Only one man refuses, and he is not only immediately uninvited, but he is thrown back out into the street.

My friend said that in thinking about this wedding garment, he believes that the garment is made of our good works.  Each good work is a scrap of cloth used to make our wedding garment that we are to wear to the Banquet of the Son.  The priest said he really liked that, but then he began to wonder, “But what holds the scraps together?  Without something to hold them, they wouldn’t make a garment.  They would just be a little heap of scraps of cloth.”  Then he said, “Then it hit me.  What binds all those pieces of cloth together, all those good works, is love and faith and hope and joy…”

How beautiful.

Going one step further, if you read the account of the wedding.  The street people do not wear their own clothes, but rather the wedding garments that the Master gives them to wear.  So these “good works” that are the scraps are not even OUR good works.  They are the good works the Father has done through us, and then He takes those works knits them through with His love and faith and hope and joy” and we are then clothed in our resplendent wedding garment.

Just thought I’d pass that one along–not so you can go out and effort yourself into Heaven making all these scraps, but so that you can stand in awe and be grateful of each scrap of good work that God does through you and how He has a plan not just for that work going forward in the lives of others, but for you as well.

God is so awesome!


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