A Great Writers’ Conference

By: Dennis Bates

Welcome the robins, the daffodils and the tulips. They’re sure signs that the dreary Midwestern winter is losing its grip and spring is planning its grand appearance. It’s about time. Welcome also the annual Quad-Cities Christian Writers’ Conference, a concentrated dose of  Midwestern calm and friendliness shot directly into the soul.

Yes, it’s that good.

It isn’t the largest or the most heralded writers’ conference, but it has to be one of the best run and thoroughly enjoyable. Its manageable size and informality allow writers and faculty members to interact which each other and exchange ideas, something I find priceless and well worth my time and money.

Held April 19-20 this year at the Cornerstone Church in Eldridge, Iowa, it features a mixture of keynote presentations, panel discussions and elective workshops all designed to inspire and train writers of everything from fiction to daily devotionals to do whatever they do better. Over the years I have eaten with bestselling authors, serious wannabes like myself and youth pastors. All have been excited to share their experiences and I have never come away from the conference without learning something and having a new experience to build from.

I have no formal connection with the conference. I’ve just been sucked in by all the fun and have taken Conference Director Twila Belk’s personal email tagline to heart. I www.GottaTellSomebody.com. about what’s going on here. So I am. What else can I say? You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes around Twila to catch her enthusiasm.

This year’s faculty members include Cynthia Ruchti, who besides serving as Assistant Conference Director, also writes books and produces a daily radio broadcast. In her spare time she serves as president of the 2000-member American Christian Fiction Writers and maintains a significant enthusiasm level herself.

Other repeat conference faculty members include Michelle Rayburn, Kathy Carlton Willis and Frank Ball. Rounding out the faculty list are authors and speakers Virginia Smith, Jim Pence, Jim Rubart, Mona Hodgson, Lin Johnson, Larry Leech and Tim Shoemaker.

Quite literally, there is something for everyone who writes or wants to know more about why people do. More details about the speakers, registration for the conference and available nearby accommodations are available at www.qccwc.com.

Eldridge is located near Davenport in eastern Iowa and accessible by car via Interstate 80 or the Quad Cities Airport in Moline, Ill., which is just across the river. This conference works for new writers, seasoned writers, or some of us wallowing in the middle between those two extremes. I recommend it highly.


3 Responses to A Great Writers’ Conference

  1. Gail P Smith says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words Dennis. You’re the best.

    Just one small correction–the conference this year is acutally April 9-10.

    With much appreciation for a great review,

    Gail P. Smith

  2. Dennis Bates says:


    I knew that. I have the post card right in front of me. Thanks for correcting that. Everybody can benefit from an editor. (g)

  3. I really tend to go along with almost everything
    that is composed in “A Great Writers Conference Spiritlightbooks”.

    Thank you for all the actual details.Thanks for your effort,Billie

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