Just Another Day in Paradise

By:  Staci Stallings

Sometimes times are good not so much because they are thrilling or exciting or heart stopping.   Sometimes things are good just because they are.

The last week has kind of been like that for me.  Just good.  And I can’t even really say why.

I’ve been cleaning my house for one, and that always makes me feel good… though you probably wouldn’t guess that if you came for a visit.  I can see my kitchen counters (amazing!).  Most of the laundry is done (double amazing!).  I even got some of the bed clothes washed (now THAT’S heart stopping!).

The other day I was putting our bed back together after washing the sheets, and my husband was in the utility room trying to figure out why my washing machine was working so slowly.  I started thinking about this song that was popular a couple years ago.  It’s called, “Just Another Day in Paradise.”  The song is about a couple who are still in love but no longer in the gazing across the room at each other stage.

They are in “life.”  She’s trying to feed the kids and wash the dishes.  He’s trying to fix the washing machine because it’s broken again.  It’s such a slice of life song, and it captures what marriage becomes as life rolls on.

I started reading a book on marriage today, and the author talked about how important marriage is because the root of marriage is love.  Love is what binds us and holds us together even through incredible difficulties.  To many people “love” is that first euphoric feeling you get when you find “the one.”  It’s happiness and kisses and “can’t stand to be apart.”  And it is.  to an extent.

But I think our society so glorifies that stage that people feel cheated and like something is wrong when they get into the real love stage, the lasting love stage, the one that sees you through kids’ earaches and soccer games, job stress and lawn mowing, changing sheets and fixing the washing machine.  All those things are where the majority of life is lived.

When you are with someone you can live through those times and see them as really good times–even if you aren’t being the life of the party and setting the world on fire, I think that’s where real love is.   It’s a lesson we can all learn a little deeper and one that would be very good to pass on to those little minds and hearts watching us too.


One Response to Just Another Day in Paradise

  1. Dennis Bates says:

    And sometimes you are almost a poet. I really like the feel of this, and I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe I like it just because I do. It’s good. The ability to appreciate love and be part of it is a beautiful thing.

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