The Rhythm of God

By:  Staci Stallings

It’s funny to me how cool things just come to me when I’m talking about God and the effect His friendship with me has had on my life.  The other day I was talking with a friend of mine about putting life in God’s hands and how letting Him order my days has been so freeing for me.  I said, “I really like the Rhythm of God.”

The Rhythm of God.

I like the phrase and how it operates in my life.  It is nothing I can explain because most of the time it makes no sense to me.  It seems so “out of order,” as if life is just a random pattern of irregular starts and stops.  And yet… yet, when I look closely at how things get done and more to the point, how I feel as they are getting done, it’s like I see miracles.

Take this article for example.  I’ve had it on “my list” so I wouldn’t forget it for a week.  It was supposed to be Monday’s column, but God had a better idea.  I used to fight that and call myself a failure for not implementing MY plan.  Now I practice letting “me” go and letting Him come through.

I didn’t schedule time to write this article.  In fact, on my schedule I wouldn’t have even tried.  There wasn’t enough “time.”  And yet, here I am.

Why?  Because God said, “Let’s get that done now.”

To which I replied, “Now?!  But God I don’t have time now.”

“You’re right.  You don’t have time to argue.  This is the step.  Take it.”

So I am.

And that’s how much of my life runs now.  A kid is sick, “my” schedule is immediately rearranged.  I used to spend countless, untold amounts of energy being angry about my schedule continuously being disrupted.  Now I realize that’s how God works.  He disrupts MY schedule with His plans.

Of course I could be angry about that and bitter and rage against Him and try to do it my way.  But I’ve found that surrender works so much better.  Just surrender to HIS plan, to HIS schedule.  Do what He puts into your path at the moment He puts it there.  And if something occurs to you that you need to get done, write it down.  He might have a time slot all planned out for that, and He might not.  Either way, you won’t fret because you know He’s in charge.  He can even make time bend to His will if necessary.

Like right now.  I sat down 4 minutes ago to write this, thinking I didn’t have time.  It feels like I’ve been here for 15 though I was surprised when I looked at the clock that it wasn’t.

See, in my time, I didn’t have time to write this.

But in the Rhythm of God, He had it all planned out.

So cool!


One Response to The Rhythm of God

  1. Peg Phifer says:

    Staci, I love this article. And it’s God’s cool timing it appeared at this moment for me. You know what’s been happening here and the stress factor of it all. Well, last night we had what you might call a good, old-fashioned prayer meeting, just the two of us. Neither of us has been able to sleep much the past week or so, but last night — well, you know the old hymn “Take your burden to the cross and leave it there?” All this time we thought that’s what we’d already dohe. But we hand’t. We hadn’t left it there, hadn’t walked away from it. Last night we did. And we slept, even though I woke at about 5am. But not from worry. I still feel the peace from our prayers last night. God is so Awesome!

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