Blessings are a GOOD Thing

By:  Staci Stallings

Okay.  This may seem obvious to you, but stay with me.  Blessings are a GOOD thing.

When God puts something good in your life, it is a good thing.

Now you may be saying, “Duh, Staci.  That’s pretty obvious.  You’re saying that like it’s profound or something.”

Well, you would think so, but look a little deeper and maybe you won’t be so quick to say that.

The other day I had a friend over and we got to talking about something that is very good in her life.  It is something she enjoys a lot, something that she gets to spread the message of how much God has loved her and healed her and helped her so that others can find that same love, healing, and help.

So what’s the problem you ask?

In short, she feels guilty.

That’s right.  She feels guilty for having the opportunity to spread the Word of God.  Now you may be saying, “Well, that’s just silly.  What does she have to feel guilty about?”

But before you judge my friend, I want you to think about your own life.  Do you ever feel guilty about your blessings?  Do you ever look around and think, “Why me?  What have I ever done to be so blessed?”  Do you ever hide your blessings so others won’t feel intimidated or jealous (raising hand over here on that one!)?  Do you ever think you really don’t deserve the blessings God has put into your life and if He knew you a little better, He wouldn’t?

See, blessings are weird things in a way because we pray for them, wish for them, hope for them, and then when they come our direction, we feel guilty for getting them.  It’s a nice Satan Cycle if you want to know the real truth.  He cons us into thinking that we are less-than without the blessing and that life would be SO much better with it, and then when we get it, he goes around pointing out to us how we don’t deserve it and look over there, they have less than because we have more…

What a lie!

He takes what God meant for good and uses it for evil.  So while we’re over here feeling guilty about the blessings God has given us, we are thus made less powerful by narrowing our access to God’s power out of guilt!

It’s like I told my friend, “God doesn’t give you blessings for YOU.  God gives you blessings because He knows you will pass them ON.”

The point of a blessing is not to horde it for yourself.  The point is to either pass it on or to be so grateful that you pass your joy of the Lord onto others.

Guilt denies you that ability.  It keeps you small.  It keeps you focused on yourself.

Realize your blessings.  Celebrate them.  They are from God.  And as others see you basking in the joy of the Lord, they might just wonder what you have (not just the blessing) and come over and ask.

Learn to accept your blessings with overwhelming gratefulness and to then turn around and pour blessings into the lives of others.  It’s the way God would have us live.


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