Where is Your Focus?

By:  Staci Stallings

As I work with others, the question comes up many times, “But how do I know what God wants me to do?”  I used to ask this question a lot myself.  I wanted a game plan.  I wanted to see the strategy, the map, the agenda.  I felt that only then would I be able to confidently step into what God was asking me to do.

What I’ve learned is that it just doesn’t work like that.  God is not usually going to tell me where we’re going with something.  He’s going to tell me the next step and when I take that, then He’ll tell me the NEXT step.  Very rarely do I know the 57th step of what He’s going to ask me to do.

My sister is a great example of this.  She was a stay-at-home mom for many years.  During this time she took in kids to babysit during the day.  She loved it–though she did get tired of the perpetual potty-training treadmill.  When her family went through a job change for her husband, she found that her income babysitting was not enough, so she took a job being an assistant in a Pre-K program at the school.

She wasn’t at all sure she was up to this challenge, but she kept taking the steps God asked her to take.  The first year went by, and she survived.  Then midway through the second year, someone made a crazy suggestion:  Why don’t you become a teacher?

Now she had considered teaching years ago, but because of unthinking comments by several people, she thought she could never do that.  So she went to college and got a degree in psychology.  Flash forward about 15 years.  Here she was being an assistant and someone found out she already had a degree.  So she could do this program to become a teacher.

Had God said this was where she was going to begin with, she would have quit immediately.  It would have seemed much too overwhelming.  But He didn’t.  (Smart God.)

She studied for and took the entrance to the program exam and passed!  A mere six weeks after the initial suggestion, she was in the program and taking the first course.  It’s now been three months and she’s on the fourth of seven courses!

Further, they just had a teacher quit, and so she has a new job as well.  (Who but God could have lined all of this up?)

So, she’s working on her courses and preparing for her new class.

But here’s the thing.  She didn’t know any of this was coming.  Truly her focus was not on herself and what she wanted.  She was simply following the steps God laid out.  Yes, many of those steps were overwhelming.  They didn’t even really seem possible, but she put her faith in God–not in herself.

So where’s your focus?  Is it on God and what He’s asking you to do, or is it on you and what you want to do or what you think you can’t?

The determining factor in where you will be in God’s Kingdom revolves on that one, simple point.  Where is your focus?


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