Looking to Do Good

By:  Staci Stallings

I have great kids.  I do.  Oh, they have their moments–the meltdowns, the scraps.  But most of the time, I have great kids.

One thing I have learned about my kids in the last week or so is how they actively look for ways to make their worlds better.  I don’t mean “their” as in “their personal” world better.  I mean the world around them, the one they inhabit.  They look for ways to make life for others around them easier.

Two quick examples.  My son came home the other day and asked if we could go to Office Depot.  Why?  To get a clock for his second classroom.  They are in one classroom most of the time, but sometimes they go into this other classroom.  That one doesn’t have a clock.  He said, “It really needs a clock.  Can we go get one for in there?”  Guess what.  That classroom will be getting a clock tomorrow.

My daughter came home distraught because some of the boys in her class got wild and threw the teacher’s crayons around the room.  Several of them got broken.  She said the teacher was very upset.  “So can we go and get her some new crayons?  I think that would make her happy.”

My oldest daughter came home from school with a request for a raised podium/stage for her speech class.  It would have been easy to put off until the 12th of never, but she was adamant and stayed with the project until it had been completed.

I’m going to assume this way of thinking can be taught.  I am going to further assume that they learned this by osmosis because it wasn’t a direct lesson taught about the value of helping others.  I think they’ve seen me do it, and so they are just modeling what they’ve seen.

In which case, I really need to watch what else I’m doing because they might be picking up on more things than I realize!


One Response to Looking to Do Good

  1. FFF Team says:

    Hi Staci! I love what you have written and how you express yourself. I agree with you that “doing good” can be taught. I also think it is essential to living a more purposeful, fulfilling and meaningful life. That’s what I blog about.

    I’d love for you to visit my blog and share your thoughts. Your readers may also find it thought-provoking. You can find it at: http://findfulfillflourish.wordpress.com/


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