Trapped in the Darkness

By:  Staci Stallings

Maybe you’ve heard the story of the miners trapped in Chili and rescued this past week.  It’s a story that would be hard to miss in our 24/7 news cycle.  These men, working far below the earth’s surface, suddenly encapsulated, entombed by a collapse of the world around them.

Maybe you’ve heard about their rescue.  How people from half a world away brought in equipment and expertise.  How they drilled first one hole and then widened that hole to the point that a capsule could be sent down to bring the men up.

Maybe you’ve heard how one rescuer didn’t just stay on the surface but put his life on the line in that capsule, going down, to both help the men get back to the surface and to prove that the escape would be safe enough to travel.

Maybe you heard all of that and thought, “Wow.  That’s something.”  And then you went on with your life.

Or maybe you thought like I did of how incredible that metaphor is for our spiritual lives.  How so often we get trapped in spiritual darkness by a collapse in our lives.  Maybe it’s a lost job or a failing marriage.  Maybe it’s a death or an accident.  Maybe it’s simply a string of small collapses that finally closes off our ability to get back to the light.  And there we are, trapped, with no hope of freeing ourselves, reliant completely on the Grace of God and the goodness of others to break through the rocks and free us.

The amazing thing when you think about this story from a spiritual perspective is how the help is there even when we may not know it.  There are people in this world who want to help and who will go to great lengths to help.  But the most incredible is our Savior.  Think about it.  Jesus didn’t have to come and save us.  He was in Heaven.  He was on the surface.  He was safe.  Why would He CHOOSE to climb into that capsule and join us in this spirit-shattering world?  Why would He do that?

Well, I believe, much like the rescuer at the mine, Jesus chose to do it because He believed in the equipment and the expertise of those He was putting His life’s trust in.  He believed in His Heavenly Father, and He loved us so much that He was willing to put His life on the line to save ours.

He came to show us that we could do it too.  We could climb in, trust God, and make it to the surface.  He came to show us that we do not have to stay trapped in the darkness.  There is a way out.

God bless the miners and the men and women who worked so tirelessly and selflessly to get them out.  It’s always stories like this that give me hope for this world for it is this very dynamic–that life is precious and we should do whatever we are capable of doing to preserve it–that ultimately speaks of God.  Life is precious because God created it.  If we live like that, we can uncover and unearth many souls that are trapped in darkness.

With God’s Grace, that should be our goal.


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