Talking to Dad

By:  Staci Stallings

You know, we all have days that are just rotten, times that we think “What’s the point?”, moments when nothing seems to be going our way.  In those times, many of us seek out a sympathetic ear, someone to listen, someone to care.

In the mornings, my kids and I call their dad who is usually on his way to work.  Via the cell phones we all pray together.  The prayer has gotten much longer than when we first started.  It now stretches into 8 prayers and about 5 minutes or so.  At the end of the prayer, we go, “One, two, three… WE LOVE YOU, DADDY!”

The other morning, we couldn’t get the connection made with my husband because we forgot the cell phone.  However, morning prayers were not complete without the requisite, “WE LOVE YOU, DADDY!” at the end.

That’s when it occurred to me… I wonder if God sometimes hears that and thinks it’s for Him.  And why not?  We love Him too, right?

Can’t you just see Him smiling when His children shout, “WE LOVE YOU, DADDY!”

In listening to the audio on prayer, I realized that prayer is less like I envisioned it back in the day–put in my requests or appease Him long enough so I can get on with my day–and more like sitting down with my Dad and just having a talk.  “You know, Dad, this is really going good, but this thing over here is really worrying me.”

Does He always fix everything I bring to Him?  Uh. No.

But the truth is just being able to go to Him and remember that He loves me no matter what… helps.  It helps me to be more confident and less jittery.  It helps me stay grounded and remember that He IS no matter what is going on with me or in me.  It takes away some fear knowing I’m not in this alone.  And it gives me confidence to remember that I am a child of the Most High God, the God of the Universe, and He’s looking out for me.

Talking to Dad is really awesome.

Maybe that’s not the religious view of prayer, but it sure has helped me to just fall into talking with my Dad.

You might want to try it as well!


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