Two Steps Forward…

By:  Staci Stallings

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels like this–especially at this time of the year.  I know I’m making a lot of progress.  If I look back at my lists, there are dozens and dozens of things crossed off, and yet, why do I feel so behind?

Need to blog, upload one book to Kindle another to the printer.  I get one half-done, and then hit a snag.  I get the other 3/4 done, and hit a different snag.  I’ve got eight projects going, all waiting to overcome some snag.

Christmas feels doable until I remember the Christmas cards aren’t out, the presents aren’t wrapped, I haven’t bought anything for candy or for the dish to bring.  I have no decorations up, and nothing bought for our meal here.  I guess when you have so little done two weeks out, you figure some magic elf is going to come do it all or something.

Then there’s the outside projects–like the Sunday School game and the notebooks I haven’t graded.  Ready writing is just a blur at this point.  I’m supposed to sub on Friday.

Between now and then, we’ve got pictures with Santa, dresses to buy, at least one more present to get, a Christmas program, gymnastics… Oh, and I forgot homework–spelling test, reading test.  And then the real fun begins with semester tests for two of the kids!

I’d love to get the book I’m working on finished, and I’m only 180 something pages from doing that.  My house REALLY needs cleaned.  Laundry is stacking up.  It would be nice to eat off of clean dishes too.  My van hasn’t been cleaned out since Thanksgiving, so there are about 10 games in various states of together in the back.

At this point all I can do is the task that’s right in front of me at the moment.

I told my mom the other day when I had to hem my daughter’s choir dress that she (my mom) made all of this look so easy.  I was wondering if she was really winging a lot of it.  She just smiled.

My only hope is that I’m winging it somewhere in the vicinity of how she did because she sure had me fooled.

So, to you, have a blessed Advent season, try not to get too frazzled.  Just do the thing in front of you.  Somehow, everything will either get done or it won’t.  Either way, it will be what it is, and that will be good enough.

Take the steps forward you can, and don’t worry too much about those steps back.  I’m beginning to think we all do it, and with God’s help, somehow, it works.


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