Be Love

By:  Staci Stallings

This weekend brings a New Year.  Some of you may be making resolutions.  Some may be ignoring resolutions because you’ve made so many that haven’t “come true,” you’ve given up.

But here’s a resolution I want you to consider.  “In this coming year of 2011, I resolve to be love to all those around me.”

I read a quote last night that said, “Love is not something we get; it’s who we are.”

How do you “be love”?  There are many ways, and mostly it depends on if you’re listening to the opportunities God puts in your path.

Maybe there’s someone who needs a kind word or a smile.  Maybe someone needs money or something you have the ability to give them.  Maybe someone could use a hug.

The trick is when God whispers something on your heart to being open to that suggestion, rather than shutting it down and off with, “I’m too busy.”  “I’m not doing that.”  “They don’t deserve it.”  “Ask someone else.”

Let God show you the moments were you can be love to someone else.  That’s a great first resolution.

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