Asking the Right Questions

By:  Staci Stallings

This is fascinating.  Did you know that your brain will come up with an answer to any question you ask it–even if the question is illogical and not true?

So long as you don’t stop the process by saying, “I don’t know,” your brain will search until it comes up with an answer.

If I ask you, why are your teeth purple?

Stop for a moment and observe what your brain does with that question.  First, it searches for an answer until maybe it questions the question.  “Purple? My teeth aren’t purple.”  But first it looked for an answer to a completely illogical question.

Here’s the thing:  What questions are you asking your brain to find answers for?

Are you asking questions like:  Why can I never lose weight?

Your brain comes back with:  Because I’m lazy and I can’t stick to a diet.

How about this one:  Why don’t I like to exercise?

Because I’m fat and I’m lazy.  Because exercise is no fun.  Because exercise is not meant to be fun, it’s meant to be torture!

See how easy this is?

Why am I so tired?

Because you haven’t been to bed before midnight in a month.

Why do I always eat junk food?

Because it tastes so good you can’t help yourself.

Why is my house a mess?

Because you spend too much time on the phone and watching television and not enough with the vacuum and dust rag.

See how easy this is?

But what if you CHANGED the questions you’re asking yourself?

What can I do to help me enjoy exercising?

Hmm… I can put on some music.  I can do an exercise I like. I can call a friend to see if they’ll walk with me.  I can give myself a small reward if I do.

How can I get this room cleaned?

Pick up 10 things at a time.  Ask husband for help.  Ask kids for help.  Have everyone pick up 10 things.

How can I make this meal enjoyable?

I can make my favorite vegetables.  I can put candles on the table.  I can turn on some music.  I can invite a friend over to eat with me.

The truth is, you are going to get an answer to whatever question you ask.  The question is:  Are you asking the right kinds of questions to move you in the direction you want to go?


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