In Honor of Childhood

By:  Staci Stallings

I have watched this little commercial from the Super Bowl a gazillion times, and it still makes me laugh.  I think it must be something about the fact that when I was 7, my uncle took me to see the original Star Wars in the movie theater.  Now, I hadn’t watched many movies and I sure hadn’t been to the movies very much.  So this spectacle was like overwhelming for my little 7-year-old sensibilities.

And I really remember being SO SCARED of Darth Vadar.  I mean, he was the epitome of evil, and that haunting Vadar music.  UGH!  I remember being so afraid because he could move stuff with his mind in the movie.  That was beyond anything I had ever seen.

The other thread that ties into my fascination with this ad is how incredible it now is to be the mom of a little guy who at times DOES think he can move things with his mind.  He’s fearless, and he knows no boundaries in space and time.  He lives in THIS moment, and his emotions are just out there on his sleeve for all to see.  We call him drama king around here because he’s just so OUT THERE.  Nothing is bottled up, or held back, or denied.  If he feels it, you know it.

So when I watch this commercial, I so see the imagination of this little boy, his fascination with Darth Vadar–not because of his evil but because of his power.  He believes in that imagination that is so inherent in childhood.

I love it when he tries to move the dog, and the dog just looks at him like he’s bored and could the kid please leave him alone.  I love it when he tries to move the washing machine–how big that thing looks in comparison to him.  And does anyone have to wonder what the kid is thinking when it’s his MOM that moves his sandwich over to him?  HILARIOUS!

Then the big scene at the end, when he goes to work the “force” on the car, and it actually STARTS!

I’ve seen my child be this blown away when something he did actually worked.  It’s one of the best experiences as a mom you can get.

The icing on the cake of this one is the dad though, standing in the kitchen with the remote control.  Oh, how many times have we “worked our magic” on something, thinking we were the ones who “started the car” when in reality, our Father up in Heaven has that remote control right there in his hand, and he is enjoying watching us be so incredibly blown away that something “we did” worked!

Thank you to whoever came up with this commercial.  It is now one of my all-time favorites!


One Response to In Honor of Childhood

  1. Lisa Bergren says:

    What a lovely post! Captured my own thoughts perfectly. 🙂

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