-6 Days, 81 Days

By:  Staci Stallings

The weather has been rather weird around here recently.  In fact, one day we set a record for the all-time low for the day, -6 degrees.  Around here, that’s called “cold.”  It was so cold that it tried to snow and just… couldn’t.

Everything froze.  Pipes everywhere.  We dealt with two broken ones in our shop.

Luckily we made it through that one, but I have to say seeing the temp in my van go above 10 degrees was cause for cheering by my kids.

But here’s the weird part.

The very next week… literally 7 days later, we set another record.  This time it was for the all-time high for that day, 81 degrees!

I thought this a great metaphor for life.  Face it, we all have -6 days–days when nothing goes right, when we just want to crawl back in bed and forget the world exists, days when just to keep moving takes all we have.  Those days freeze us, paralyze us, attempt to convince that every day from there forward will be a -6 day.  From that perspective, we cannot see a week ahead.

In those days, just making it through the day is cause for thanking God above.

But in those -6 days, we need to remember that there will be an 81 day again–and it may only be a few days away.  And in those 81 days, it’s important to be smart and lay in some “spiritual supplies” in preparation for the -6 days.  Get close to God on the good days.  That way when you need Him in the bad days, your “spiritual supplies” are there and ready to go.

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