A True Miracle

By:  Staci Stallings

I’ve been waiting to tell this story.  It’s been going on for more than a month now, but I wanted some evidence that it was the miracle I had a hunch it would be.

So you understand, I’ll start at the beginning of the middle.  🙂

As you know, my young son has had a great battle on his hands for more than a year now.  The battle has a label.  That label is “dyslexia.”  Now, since I found out this was our issue (before that, it was just a frustrating mess!), I have embarked on a quest to UNDERSTAND, to find answers, to learn what it is, why it is, and how to get through it or around it.

Slowly but surely answers have come.  We had gotten to the point that he could DO the work although it took a lot of effort and focus, far more than “normal” kids have to exert for the same outcome.  This meant hours of homework, hours of doing spelling, hours of reading–just to keep up.  But this was far better than before.  Before, we did the hours of work only to keep following further behind.

Well, I have felt since the beginning that God would give me the answers if I could breathe and let Him.

Then the miracle began.

One morning in late January my mom called me.  That morning the radio came on and contrary to her normal shutting it off instantly, her attention caught on the commercial.  It was an ad for a local vision doctor.  She said, “I don’t even know why I started listening, but I caught the doctor’s name and then the word ‘dyslexia.’  I don’t know anything about it, but I thought you might like to look it up.”

So I did.  And it was interesting.

However, we were doing better.  He was finally keeping up.  I didn’t really see the point of trying something else when it’s tough to get all of the “helps” we have found.  But I filed that info away in my brain and went on with life–for about six hours.

That afternoon, I got our school’s Wednesday Notes–this is the weekly communication from the school.  At the back of the Notes was a little yellow half-sheet of paper.  It announced an upcoming meeting at a local church… featuring this doctor!  Talk about getting my attention!  Wow!

However, at the time my husband was out of town so I was doing the single parent thing, and it was during the bone-chillingly cold snap we had around here.  I didn’t want to go to the informational meeting.  It was on one of the few “free” evenings we have.  Plus, I needed to be home helping my son with homework, not driving all over town on some fool’s errand that probably wouldn’t help anyway.  (I really probably knew better, but those are the arguments I used to get God to understand that I really DIDN’T want to go!)

Well, I have learned when God wants me to do something, He will send me THREE messages.  The first gets my attention.  The second tells me yes, God is serious.  The third simply cements that yes, this is from God and I’m to do it.

So I figured if God really wanted me to go, He would send me a third message.  It didn’t take long.  The next day I was cleaning my table.  On it I found a small post-it note with the information for this Center that had been written by one of the teachers I had met with… in September! Now, apart from God, what are the odds?!

I still didn’t want to go, but I know a clear message when I get it, so I bundled up and went.

The meeting was interesting, but I still thought we were doing okay.  However, I set up a free screening because there were some things they talked about that my son was doing.  We went a few days later.

Sure enough, his eyes weren’t playing fair with him.  They “jump around” as he’s trying to read.  They don’t “hold” and “flow” like they are supposed to.  They told me the next step was to get a full assessment by an optometrist.  I figured that would take a few weeks to get.  So I took my son back to school and went home.  I made the call, and they had had a cancellation (because of the cold ;), could we come in that afternoon?


So we did.  After the appointment (which showed that he sees 20/20), we had an hour to do nothing.  So I decided to run the paperwork back to the Vision Therapy Center.  Back for the second time that day, I turned in the paperwork, and lo and behold, they had also had a cancellation for the NEXT morning.  We could do the full 3-hour battery of tests.

I felt like the Holy Spirit had just put me on the FAST track of this thing.

We went the next morning.  Two weeks later I went back for the results.

Glory hallelujah!  Was that illuminating!

My son’s vision is–a dichotomy in inconsistency.  The only thing consistent is it’s inconsistent.  Some tests he scored in the 84 percentile, some he scored in the 9 percentile.  In one of them he scored BELOW the 4 year old level.  He’s EIGHT!


So we decided to do the therapy.  They had an opening on Feb. 22–nearly a month to the day that this whole thing started.

We went for the first time, and it’s truly a miracle.  I don’t mean that like in the metaphorical sense, I mean it in the literal sense.  They showed us one visual “trick” to learn spelling words.  We tried it on our spelling words last night:  phantom, pharaoh, phrase, quiet…  and in ONE night he learned some of the hardest words he’s ever been faced with.  Amazingly, he retained that ability this morning!

Who knows what he’ll be reading in six months.  I can’t wait to see!


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