The Long Road Back

By:  Staci Stallings

Have you ever noticed how temporary this life is?  Sometimes we can go for days, weeks, months, years without being reminded, and we begin to believe that things are the way they are and they will always be that way… and then they aren’t.

As you know if you’ve been reading my posts, I’ve been having computer issues.  Well, it is now confirmed that they were more than just “issues.”  Translation:  I had a full-scale, lost everything crash.

Thankfully, when the drive started going bad, I got on Carbonite and backed everything up.  By “everything” I mean whatever it actually managed to back up.  It took 18 days.  The morning Carbonite finally said, “100%,” was the day of the fires.  By the time I plugged the computer in again, all I could get was the C:/ prompt.  No Windows.  No XP.  No nothing.  Just a blank, black screen with “Please reboot with your disc at the C:/ prompt” notation.

What could I do?  I took it in.

Sure enough, the hard drive crashed.  The poor guy trying to restore it had to put it in the freezer after every five minutes of downloading the information because it kept overheating.  He only got some files off of it.

So, it was kind of like starting all back over when I plugged it in again.  Except this time I didn’t have all of the “here’s how to hook this up and make it work” manuals–or if I did, I couldn’t find them.  (Have I ever mentioned I’m not exactly Organization Central around here?)

I did go to Carbonite, though honestly it took me a full day to even have the guts to do that… what if everything was just… gone?  Alas, and thank God in Heaven (and I mean that!), He saved my information at the very last possible second.  So Carbonite is now on this marathon downloading thing that is apparently going to take “a few days” to accomplish.

Then… well, I guess we’ll see what I’ve got and what is gone.  *Gulp*

One thing I’m particularly bummed about is that I may well have lost many if not most of the emails from Dennis.  That stinks.  Reminds me again how temporary things in this life are.

Then I remember how the people in the fires and those in Japan have literally lost everything–not just a computer hard drive–but EVERYTHING.  In fact, on a massive scale, those in Japan have lost loved ones, their homes, their jobs, their businesses…

It’s very difficult to deal with the temporariness of life.  Thinking about it tends to illicit both fear and resignation, for if everything is so temporary, why put any effort into anything?

This morning my son asked how old the oldest person in the world is.  I just happened to know that the former oldest person was 126 and she just died recently.  My son said, “It’s too bad about Adam and Eve.  If they hadn’t messed up, we could all live for 1,000 years.”  I said, “Yes, but what about that Jesus guy?”  He got really serious and said, “At least we get to live forever in Heaven.”

I guess I should have titled this piece the Long Road to Somewhere Else because the truth is, I’ll never be able to go “back.”  None of us can.  All we can do is breathe, and push forward.  Thankfully our forward will never really end, and wherever we go from here, God will be with us.

It’s times like this that that knowledge is VERY comforting.


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