Writing Faster

By:  Staci Stallings

Recently I have had the profound honor to become my daughter’s favorite author.  Now, honestly, I never saw this coming particularly with this child.  She is now 15, and although she has been a reader, it’s never quite been like this.

First, she always liked historicals and more particularly historical mysteries.  When I’d even mention romance, she would turn up her nose.  It wasn’t until her cousin, who happens to be a 25-year-old guy, called one night and opened with, “Okay, I’ve got to know is Nick right about Jaylon?”

Now I have to admit, I get very involved with my stories while I’m writing them and while I’m editing them, but once they are out, I tend to forget names, dates, and even faces.  So, for a full minute I was at a complete loss for what he was talking about.  Then I remembered… Dreams by Starlight!

Come to find out, his mother had loaned him her copy because he had long breaks at work with nothing to do.  He was so into the book that my daughter became curious and asked for a copy.  That was January 26.

I don’t know how fast you read.  I used to think I was a fast reader, but I’ve got nothing on her.  She has now read every novel I have in print (6), one that’s coming, three that I don’t even have scheduled, and this morning she was rummaging around in my cabinet because she finished one last night and she needs something new to read.

Somehow, I always thought 29 finished novels was a lot, but the way she reads… I might be in trouble!

It’s kind of funny because she was always one that kind of resented my time writing.  Now she’s telling me I’d better hop to it because she’s going to need more to read.

Oh, sure, she has some complaints.  One of the books she read was the VERY ROUGH copy that I printed out as I was writing the thing, replete with ???? in the spots I didn’t know what things were called.  She would really prefer extended lines of books with the same characters, and it frustrates her that I don’t stay with the same characters–sometimes even in the same series.  And she has had some issues with her friends at school stealing the books that aren’t in print because they can’t get them anywhere else.

But other than that… 🙂

So I’d better go and get to writing faster.  My newest #1 fan is running out of reading material.

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