By:  Staci Stallings

Have you ever seen a kid super-excited?   I mean the kind of super excited that makes them throw all caution to the wind, take their life in their hands with other siblings and even parents?  Have you ever seen a kid so excited they can’t even talk?

Well, I witnessed just such excitement the other day.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon.  My daughters were watching television.  My son was out with his dad doing guy things.  I was working on the computer when suddenly, my son showed up.  “Mom!  Mom!  You’ve got to come here!   NOW!!!!”  He grabbed my arm and started pulling me out of the chair!  I said, “Just a second.  Let me get this…”  But that wasn’t happening. If I didn’t go NOW, I was going to end up on the floor.

Thinking this was probably about seeing his newest shop creation, I followed him out to the living room where the girls were.  He ran up to the television and turned the thing off!  (Which around my house never happens when someone is so obviously watching the thing.)  Of course, this launched both girls from their nests.  “HEY!  What’d you do that for?!”  “We were watching that!”

But my son was not to be deterred.  “No!  Guys!  Listen!  This is really exciting.”

Okay.  So we’d already established that.

“This is REALLY exciting!  I mean REALLY EXCITING!!!!!”

By now we were all somewhere between annoyed and angry.

“Just tell us what it is already!”

To which he nearly bounces off the floor.  “Guess what?!  Guess what?!!!  This is REALLY EXCITING!!!!!!!!!”

“WHAT?!!!” we all practically yelled as I took a step forward in case one of the girls decided to physically remove him from the premises.

“Mary Beth is going to be a grandma!!!!!”

Instantly, there was no anger.



“Oh, wow!”


Both girls jumped up and raced for the phone cataloging every person they were going to call to share the great news!

Now, Mary Beth is my sister-in-law, so this means that this child will be a cousin to my son.  It’s the first close cousin he’s ever been around when they were announced and then born.  And let me tell you, if the reaction of my kids is any indication, this kid is going to be loved beyond measure by a whole gaggle  of cousins.  I hope he or she likes being the center of attention because it’s coming… Oh, yes… it’s coming!


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