The Gifts They Have…

By:  Staci Stallings

My children have taught me so much.  One of the things they continue to teach me is the brilliance of the Master’s Plan.  I know it’s His Plan because this looks nothing like mine.

You see, my children came pre-set with personalities and gifts that I did not put there.  Yes, I see flashes of things my husband and I liked, but overall, these kids are put together differently than either of us.

First of all, there’s my oldest who has a strong organizational streak.  She love photography and graphic design.  Putting slide shows together is like drinking water to her.  In fact, she has now been commissioned to put one together for her school after she did such an excellent job on the one for her class last year.  On the chores front, she likes to unload the dishwasher but not to load it.  Don’t know why.  It’s a God-thing, I guess.  She seems like a timid little vulnerable flower, but she’s got a will of iron.  However, she will be a good sport about just about anything–so long as no one was harmed in the event.

My second daughter takes music to a whole new level.  I had assumed (because both my husband and I were musical) that oldest daughter would follow in that path.  I was wrong!  She took piano one year and suffered through it.  Second daughter, however, was born with rhythm in her veins.  She now plays drums very loudly but also quite well in our basement.  She is teaching herself piano, and will take pieces she’s learned there and transfer it by memory to the bells and the marimba.  It amazing to watch how quickly she picks up an instrument.  Violin, guitar, piano, drums, bells, mirimba…  It must be fun!

My son loves electricity.  He loves to wire stuff up, change out light bulbs, and make things work.  Snap Circuits are the best toy ever invented for this one.  He can play with them for hours.  His other love is stuff animals and making plays.  So who knows, maybe his destiny lies in the theater or in lighting the theater… or maybe in drawing and creating children’s books as he is remarkably good at that as well.

I guess what I’m saying is that if you’re a parent or a teacher, help your child find THEIR calling.  Don’t superimpose what you want them to do over them.  Beyond the basics of math, writing, and reading, let God’s plan for them take over and guide them.  You will be amazed at the gusto with which they pursue their passions–even at very young ages.


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