Flaufle Ball: The Spiritual Lesson

By:  Staci Stallings

You may think that my post about Flaufle Ball was funny or interesting, but I will tell you this:  It is one of the most important spiritual lessons you will ever learn.  Why?  Because too many people put that lesson to work in their lives but neglect it in their spiritual walk.

At work, they watch, listen, question, practice, and learn.  In fact, they have probably gone through these five steps for countless things in their lives:  sports, music, reading, math, spelling, writing, cooking, building, designing, gardening…

But do they take it with them into and back out of the church doors?

Think about it.  When was the last time you watched someone model being a Christian?  When was the last time you really listened to God’s Word and tried to put it into practice in your life?  When was the last time you sat down with a spiritual friend and asked questions about your walk with God?  Are you learning to walk in Christ’s footsteps, or are you at the same place spiritually you were six months ago, or five years ago, or ten years ago?

Moreover, have you been doing these things with God?  Do you make a point of watching how He works in the world?  Do you listen for His Word–not just in church or when you’re reading your Bible, but all the time, every day, in every situation?

How about questioning?  Do you ask God questions and actually listen long enough for Him to answer?  Do you ask for help?  Do you ask Him to guide you?  Do you actively seek His answers to your life’s issues?

As you do these things, do you then practice what you are learning?  Or does God’s Word stay at church as soon as you leave the pews?

Do you practice His Way in relationships?  Do you forgive when necessary?  Do you actively seek reconciliation if possible?  Do you practice kindness, generosity, love, respect, and patience?  Do you practice faith–especially in those moments when it would be most easy to forget faith and do it on your own?

Do you feel like you are learning to live the way God would have you live?  Can you see progress in your daily life in the past say, five years or six months or three days?  Or are you still doing the same, old things that aren’t working and haven’t worked for years?

If you are stuck (and even if you are not), maybe it’s time to:  Watch what God’s doing, Listen to His Word and His soft voice in your heart, Question and seek for His answers to life’s struggles, Practice your faith, and Learn how wonderful it is to not just say you’re Christian but to live it every day in every relationship!

So, it’s time to play flaufle ball now.  You ready?


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