Consulting God

By: Staci Stallings

I’ve been reading Lysa TerKeurst’s phenomenal book “Made to Crave.”  Although it’s about food specifically, it could just as well have been written about any idol in our lives from success to power to control to money.  Doesn’t matter what the idol is because what it means and what it does to us is all the same.  I realize now that Satan’s game plan is really quite simple:  Learn what we value and love more than God and then put that in front of us as a possibility.

It’s like that donkey with the carrot.  We’re so focused on that thing we want that is right there, we keep taking steps toward it (never really getting it, mind you) until we would walk right off a cliff after it!

The story I am reading in the book now about Eve.  I never really thought about it, but Eve was the very first woman to want food more than God.  Yikes!  Does that hit home.

I don’t want to.  I try to eat healthy and get my fruits and vegetables every day.  I know I should want the carrot stick instead of the brownie, but… oh, does that brownie look good.  And just this once won’t hurt.  Besides, I’ve been eating good all day…

Maybe food isn’t your issue.  Maybe it’s money.  “Well, this one little thing won’t hurt.  I’ll have the money by the end of the month, I can always pay it off then.  But I’ve been working so hard, and I really deserve this.  A little more on the credit card won’t hurt.  What’s a hundred bucks?”

Sound familiar?

Or maybe your idol is power.  “I’m the boss.  They should learn to respect me.  It’s my company.  They’ll know better next time.  Employees are a dime a dozen these days if this one doesn’t want to work themselves to death, I can sure find someone who does.”

Or how about success?  “I know it’s probably not ethical to do this, but it’s what everyone does if they want to get ahead.  I can just be gone a few nights.  The kids will hardly miss me.  If I could just sell X number, then I’ll really be happy.”

Or maybe it’s the approval of others.  “If I do this, they’ll have to notice me.  Look what I did for them, and they didn’t even say thanks.  No one even notices I’m on the planet.  If I would’ve done it a little better, then they would have been impressed.  Should I wear the black dress or the red one to get his attention?”

Now, I’m not here to bash you for these thoughts.  Far from it!  In fact, I’m right there with you one some of them.  But all of them are choosing exactly what Eve did with that apple because all of them are choosing to pursue something other than God to fill the hole in our heart.  We look for things “out there” to fix “in here,” and it will never work.

The thing TerKeurst points out is that Eve never bothered to consult God about her decision.  She tried to make it on her own!  She used her own reasoning and limited wisdom.  She saw the apple, wanted the apple, and let her want overpower what God had told her about that apple.

How about us?  Do we consult with God… especially about our idols?  Do we ask His help with them?  Or are they problems because we don’t?

The more I pay attention to life, the more I realize it is the things and areas that I don’t consult and listen to God where I make the biggest messes of things.  So, today, look at what’s not working in your life.  Look at the things that feel like they have power over you.  Then take some time and consult God about them, and listen to what He has to say.  Begin with God’s help to remove the idol from your heart and replace it with Him because nothing else, nothing in heaven or on earth, can ever compare to Him!  Of that I am 100% certain!


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