How Am I Doing?

By:  Staci Stallings

I’ve honestly never thought of myself as a statistics fan.  In fact, I hated the class in college.  Strangely I’ve found recently that I’m addicted to statistics.  Particularly as they relate to projects I’m working on.

There’s my page count and word count and how far I’ve gone in a day.  My number of Facebook friends and fans, and my Twitter followers.

There’s my viewer count for my blog and my subscriber count for the same.

There’s my page count for the book I’m editing.

There’s how many books I’ve sold for the month on Nook and Kindle.

Two weeks ago it was how many tickets we still had to sell for the fundraiser I was working on and how many we had sold, and how many we had to sell each day to reach our goal, and what percentage we were at, and how many each member had sold…

You get the picture.

What’s weird is that I let these numbers affect how I feel about myself sometimes.

They are kind of like the numbers on the scales (which also affect how I feel about myself).

They are all kind of a barometer trying to answer the question “How am I doing?” Am I going in the right direction?  Have I arrived yet?  How many more pages, followers, views do I need to make me feel okay about myself?

It’s so goofy.

Those numbers will NEVER give me peace and hope and understanding.  They cannot hold me on a cold night, whisper that I’m okay, tell me that God’s Plan is working in my life.

I wish I could say that I’m no longer going to look at those numbers, but the sad truth is I know I will.  I just have to remember that they do not define me.  They do not measure my acceptance or worth.

Only God can do that.

So what numbers are you looking at to try to answer “How am I doing?”  Maybe together we can decide to let God answer that instead of counting on the numbers to. 🙂

Have a blessed day!



2 Responses to How Am I Doing?

  1. AndrePrego says:

    How am I doing?
    Interestingly this sad reality in our lives.
    The fact is that numbers that really matter to us, only the following:
    How many people can evangelize?
    How many people were touched by the love of Christ in our lives
    How many people have been captivated by me through my daily life with Christ, the testimony of my life?
    How many people spotting Jesus in my life, and recognize it?
    I’m sure my score with God, or God with my numbers will rise high on the scale.
    The real number that matters is how many souls I WON FOR JESUS ​​TO TODAY?!

  2. Very true. I check numbers all the time. Right now it’s my word count and if I don’t get my writing in, I let it get to me. And then there are the many things you listed above, google analytics, Facebook likes on articles, Facebook fan page, etc. When those numbers go down, I wonder what I have done wrong. I am getting better with it. I made a pact with myself recently not to check stats etc more than twice per week. Keep reminding myself, it is NOT about me but about HIM.

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

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