Use What You Have

By:  Staci Stallings

Last time we talked about Dr. Lee A. Simpson’s three steps to maximizing your life.  They were:

1) Start where you are.

2) Use what you have.

3) Maximize your state.

Last time we talked about the first one.  (Start where you are.)

Today, we turn to using what you have.

Now this is going to seem elementary, but hear me out.  You cannot use something you don’t have.

If you don’t have a rake to rake the leaves, unless you can borrow one, you don’t have one to use, right?

And yet how many times have you heard people say, “I’d work harder if I had a different job.”  Or, “I’d be a better husband if I was married to a different woman.”  Or… “If I had more money, I would start giving to the church.”

I’m sorry, folks, but it doesn’t work like that!

That goes double in the spiritual realm.  You can’t use patience if you’ve never bothered to learn how.  You can’t use love when you go around angry all the time.

All you can use is what you have.

But here’s the cool thing.  When you’re a Christian, you’re not limited to YOUR amount.

For example, let’s say that the situation calls for wisdom.  As a Christian, I am not limited to the wisdom I have (notice the little w).  I can call upon my Father and His Wisdom!  I can say, “God, I don’t know what to do here. I don’t know what to say.  Please do this and say this through me.”

And guess what?

HIS Wisdom shows up in the situation!

Remember when we talked a week or so ago about being a channel of God’s love.  This is that same point.  As a Christian, you have everything you need for whatever situation God puts you in (notice I did not say whatever situation YOU put yourself in!  Use some discernment here).  But let’s say that God wants to speak some words of comfort to a grieving mother.  On your own, you may not have the words (and even if you do, let God talk, He always says it better than you ever could!).  Ask, God for the words, and He will give them to you.

In the physical realm, if you don’t have something you think you need, look around.  Maybe God is going to give you a revelation of something else that you already have in your possession that you could use.

If you’re broke, for example, God may not miraculously put $20 in your pocket.  But He might have you walk by a place that’s hiring.

God will either give you what you need or point you to something you have that you can use.

So, don’t sit around whining and in fear, determined not to move forward until you get this thing you think you need.  Take a step in the direction of your dream with what you have.  Take a step in the direction of what you want with what you have.  By doing that, God will see you being faithful to the calling on your heart, and He will put the right things in your path that you need at the right time.

Next time we’ll talk about maximizing your state.

Until then, have a blessed life!

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One woman.
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