Doing Cartwheels

By:  Staci Stallings

There are times in my life when I really wish I could do cartwheels. (I can’t by the way.  If you saw me try, you would laugh!)  But if I could, I would certainly be doing some right now.  Why?

I’m glad you asked…

As of today I have the #1 Christian Inspirational book on Amazon:  Cowboy!

Plus I have FOUR titles that made the top 15 on that list. Wow! (See what I mean about those cartwheels?!)

On top of that, I’m participating in a 99-cent sale right now with The Price of Silence at:

That one ends tonight.

I’m also featured with my story about our Great Tumbleweed Christmas at Penny Zeller’s blog:

And next week I get to be a part of Karen Baney’s big Nickels Launch week:


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Thank you all for sharing the ride of my life with me!


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