Happy 2012!

By:  Staci Stallings

Welcome to a New Year!  And here’s a great way to start it…

Dear Lord, we come to You so thankful for the year that’s just passed, for all the joys and all the sorrows, for all the lessons.  We thank You and we praise You that You brought us through them all.  We ask Your blessings on this new year, Lord.  We ask that where there is hatred, You will sow peace.  Where there is distrust and anger, love.  And where there is doubt, true faith in You… especially in our own hearts.  Teach us, Lord, in this new year to walk ever more closely with You, allowing You to guide and show us the way… Your way, which will become our way.  We know You already hold every day of this new year in Your hands, and so we step forward with courage and hope knowing You have already won the victory for us, all we have to do is claim it.

Thank You, Lord.  Thank You so very, very much!

In Your Holy Name, we pray.



Now go… and have a prosperous, wonderful, peaceful New Year, my wonderful and amazing friends!


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